Monday, September 29, 2008

She made it

After a long day, my wife made it to Providence and this morning got a flight to Nantucket. The storm Kyle caused flights to the island to be canceled until this morning. She met up with a friend from graduate school in Providence, and they got a hotel room together. The two of them are spending the week enjoying the New England weather (foggy and light rain from what I understand).

I enjoyed the salad and pizza and started a new book Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp. I got this book because I really liked her book Drinking: A Love Story. I also like this book but having had quite a few dogs, it seems that she is looking to substitute the dog for not having many human relationships. It's as if the dog has become everything to her. I can understand some of this because I prefer my dogs to most people. However, I do think that it's important to understand dog behavior and allow dogs to be....dogs.

But I have to admit that watching my dogs play last night made me feel good. And their happy dog play took away any lonely feelings that I had. And settling down in bed with one of the dogs on her bed next to mine made me feel comfortable.

Today is a good day and tonight is my home group meeting. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends there. Wishing a good Monday to each of you.


  1. I'm glad she made it ok. Her change in flights even made me kinda stress. You've mentioned pizza in two posts, so now I'm craving guess what. Thanks Syd. :o)

    So, what are your plans for when she gets back? A nice, romantic what?

    Enjoy your homegroup meeting!

  2. I hope both you and your wife enjoy the time you have in your own respective ways.

  3. Live weather report from the north shore of Mass--some drizzle, mild temps (low 60's) and cloudy. Tomorrow's supposed to be a little sunnier. :-)
    Have a good night Syd!

  4. I envy your wife her trip to one of my fantasy the Fall when all the tourists have gone. Lucky girl!

  5. damn that sounds like fun. I love to just watch my dog run around the yard happy, it rubs off on me.

  6. How nice that you care about your wife's welfare. But not pathologically. Very nice.

  7. Yes its very damp and grey up here but every now and then a peak of sun comes through. Pretty warm still too though Nantucket may not be. Enjoy your alone time.


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