Sunday, September 28, 2008

A bit lonely

Take care of yourself my darling
And I'll take care of me
Live your loneliness knowing
That we can both be free.
--Mary Lee George

Today has been a bit lonely. I took my wife to the airport this morning. She has had the flight schedule from Hell with one flight cancelled, another delayed, and still another airport to get through. If the rest of the trip goes as anywhere near planned, she will get into Providence tonight around 8 PM. She was supposed to have arrived at 11:20 AM this morning.

After seeing her off, I came home and did some busy work around here. It hasn't been a bad day but one that reminds me how nice it is to have someone here in this big house. I know that I'm okay with feeling a bit lonely. It doesn't have anything to do with anyone else or my feeling unloved. It's as if I want to have someone to play with, yet there isn't anyone at the moment. Maybe it's just a break from my usual routine of being on the boat. There isn't much time to feel lonely out there.

Because I got up at 4 AM, I'm going to stay home today and not go to the boat. I'll do that tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm going to bake a pizza and make a salad. There's nothing like some comfort food. I'll wait for her call later this evening with the hope that she has arrived safely.


  1. I'll send the girls right over to play with you. I bet they will outrun you in a heartbeat, then they will jump in the pond or ocean or whatever body of water is closest!

  2. Awww - - - Poor Syd - - - I had to scroll down to check out the two kitties in your blog to reassure myself of the cuddling that can take place with a pair of committed lovers after reading about your loneliness. I understand what you mean about lonelineness - - - more 'alone-ness' I would say - - - because your loved one is still very much with you in your spirit, especially when you plan to make sure she will have a safe arrival at her destination. Then, the anticipation of looking forward to her return home once again to your arms! That is a wonderful feeling of completion. I still have these feelings, in spite of having lost my own love 7 years ago; but thanks to Al-Anon, good sponsorship, both fellowships, and the program, I was able to process the grief fairly quickly and NOT experience loneliness, but accept the alone-ness, and treasure the peace and tranquility that it provided in being able to savor the beauty of everything around me. A loss was turned into a discovery of life for me to enjoy anew in my waning years! Thanks for sharing your time alone. Enjoy the pizza!
    Hugs, Anonymous #1

  3. Lucky, lucky have someone that you miss so much. It will make the home-coming that much sweeter.

  4. Hey Syd, you're not alone with the bloggers around. Take care and enjoy your days.

  5. Oh Syd. You are the nicest man. Hope you enjoy the pizza.

  6. I am sure she arrived safe and sound. My comfort food is hot turkey sandwiches or pizza.

  7. Sounds as if 'alone' is not necessarily 'lonely'...GOOD!

    Some day I'll need to see photo of that boat, are any posted? Maybe I have not been here long enough.

    Several years I lived on a scow on Ohio River. Recollection is they were wonderful years, also drunk recall may not be accurate.

  8. Distance makes the heart grow fonder... Happy Monday Syd. Cat

  9. Pizza and salad sounds so yummy, I want some now.

    I hope your lonely turned out to be a little comfortable in the end; were I you, I would have watched a couple chick flicks in a row and had a good cry.


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