Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back home

My wife got back home last evening. It was really nice to see her and have her back home. She had a good time in Nantucket. She felt relaxed and happy. We had a chance to catch up on each other. We went to dinner and then got in some quiet time together.

Today was beautiful here. I didn't go out on the boat but we did some work cleaning the upper deck. It was just nice to be near the water. We just got back from lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway where there was a good bluegrass band playing. We both enjoyed listening to the music and killing some time on this lovely day.

I hope that all of you have had a nice weekend. I'm going to check up on you later.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • Having my loved one back home safe and sound
  • Enjoying a beautiful day with low humidity and sunny skies
  • Knowing that I don't have to sleep in an empty bed tonight
  • Getting over myself and not letting me spoil the day
  • Doing just enough work on the boat to feel good but not trying to accomplish too much


  1. How can one sleep in an empty bed if one has their HP with them?

  2. For one thing, HP doesn't sleep--I think--hell what do I know?

    Syd, you must have a program which tells you who's got a new posting up? Or else how do you DO it?

  3. that sounds like a good weekend...

  4. I love bluegrass and that sounds like a perfect evening.

  5. Nice, nice day/evening you and your loved one had.

    Thanks always, for your honest posting.

  6. My husband likes to fall asleep on the couch these days.

    I've started waking him up and dragging him to bed.

    I got married because I wanted a warm body next to me at night.

    Tonight we dined on the lake in rural CT. It is so gorgeous up there. There was some traffic from the leaf peepers although we are not quite at peek yet. There is a great bed and breakfast with a great restaurant. Gorgeous outdoor patio with a beautiful huge chandelier outstide. It did get a little cool when the sun went down though. Awesome night.


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