Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of town

I left to go to a meeting up north today. Unfortunately, I didn't want to go. It seems that I've been really busy this past week and now comes an out of town trip for most of this week, followed by another trip at the end of the week. I would rather be home. Simple as that.

I've been carrying a bit of a resentment around about something that happened over the weekend. Sometimes I feel really misunderstood and that bugs me. I think that no matter what actions I take, my intentions are misconstrued. I wallowed in my self pity for a bit this morning. Then I decided that I was just tired, making too much out of this, and needed to let the resentment go. I have been trying to make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear" again. And it can't be done.

I'm going to miss most of my meetings this week. That is something that bothers me. I find that meetings keep me grounded. I look forward to them. They get me out of myself and over myself. In the meantime, I'm going to see if there is a meeting nearby for tomorrow night. And now I'm going to hit the hay.

Hoping that you are having a good Monday.


  1. hope your week turns out great.

    oh, and resentment. i dislike that little bugger immensly!!!

  2. I find that I want to be away from home less and less. I miss my group, my bed, and my computer!

    Hope you can make the best of it. At least you didn't pack the resentment.

  3. I love my once a week meeting but last night it clashed with indoor bowling so Luke was going to go instead for me.
    It all didnt go according to plan!
    Still I had my AA meeting and my brother went along for the third time, I just ask him and he seems to want to.
    He has been told by his GP to quit drinking after a liver function test, I know he hasnt quit but at least going to the AA might break him out of the world he lives in

  4. Awww, Syd - - - Work has brought you a way of Detaching - whether with or without love! Sometimes, when I get in a 'snit' over something beyond my control or due to my own stinking thinking, I simply need to change scenery and my entire internal and external psyche will change, by simply 'letting go' and just relaxing. That's what I'm doing this morning. I'm still in my nightgown and it's 9:30am and it feels decadently wonderful!

    And, by the way Michael, I'll pray for you to keep loving your brother; at least he is willing to be close to you. Your example may help him. It is so hard NOT to have expectations from a loved one - to improve their lot. Best to keep focus on yourself and simply love him. Good luck to you.
    Hurry Home, Syd
    Anonymous #1

  5. Thanks Syd. Hope you have safe travels this week.

    Hmm.. resentments, self-pity, and figuring out the world actually does NOT revolve around me. Fun!

    Peace and Serenity.

  6. good lucking finding a meeting, they are my peace too!

  7. I'm answering Lou, she wrote:

    "I find that I want to be away from home less and less. I miss my group, my bed, and my computer!"

    That's ME! My daily meetings are my air, my water, my food. How can I still say, "It's not all about ME?"

  8. "They get me out of myself and over myself."~~I like that; I need that.


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