Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I got back from my meeting with only a slight delay in the flight. I read a good book on this trip called The Lost Years. It's a book about addiction and alcoholism from the viewpoint of a mother and her daughter, who was addicted and living on the streets for several years. The daughter suffered terrible things for the sake of drugs. It's probably one of the most riveting books that I've read. It is written as a dual narrative with the mother sharing her feelings about the extent that she was willing to go to get her daughter back, until she learned to look to her own recovery. Eventually, tough love, intervention and rehabilitation brought the family back together. I recommend this book because it includes a lot of good recovery for the addict and the parent.

I only have this night at home before I'm heading to Atlanta for another meeting. I feel as if I'm running and about to catch myself. I plan to drive back from Atlanta on Friday and spend a quiet weekend on the boat. I need some time away from the meeting crowd, airports, and rushing to get no where.

And I want to get back to my regular meeting schedule as soon as I can. Next week will be a relatively "normal" schedule for me. No more running, just office work, Al-Anon meetings, and time at home. Sounds good to me.

Until I have time to catch up with your posts.....take it easy.


  1. Now I'm gonna have Syd comment withdrawal.

    Thanks alot!


  2. Couldn't sleep. Maybe I was "running" too much today and just can't slow the old brain or body down.

    Sounds like a good book.

    I love travel, vacation, being away, but then I love the familiarity of my regular schedule when I'm back home. HOME SWEET HOME!

  3. you sound quite 'rushed'. and much as i like excitement in my life, i need normal more often than not. quite a change for me.

  4. I look forward to that book.Thanks for passing it along.

    The week end is almost here!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. Hope your weekend on the boat isn't too wet. They're calling for rain up here Friday night into Saturday.

  6. That calmness will be back before you know it.

  7. I have read this book and love it. I've been traveling and had layovers in Atlanta the past two days.. I wish I could remember the name of this great sandwich shop in the airport (if you get stuck there or something). I'll try to find a receipt. Safe travels.

  8. Just been to shadows blog to post her a message and no matter what I do the message will not upload, anyway yes I love reading books like that, youll have to pass it on to me when you are done.
    Its like shares at AA the ones I like best are the horror stories

  9. My husband is finishing up a book called Drunkard about an Alcholic in Chicago - who even attended the same open AA meeting that we go to. It will be my next book as it is the first book, that my husband has finished in years - so it has got to be good!

    Thanks for the recommendation - it will go on my list - and I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


  10. Hi Syd,

    Just breathe!

    Love, Anonymous #1

  11. I read that book about a year ago. An excellent read, especially for us parents! I think often of the mom answering the phone, knowing her daughter was on the other end and asking, "Are you ready to receive help yet?" She brought their relationship down to that one point...are you ready for help? If not, I can't be in contact with you.

    Take care of your self in your busyness, Syd.

  12. Try to get some rest, Syd. I'm zonked from lots of travel so I know how exhausting it can get. I'll *see you when you return. :0)


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