Monday, December 1, 2008

Chicken soup

We drove back yesterday from Florida. It was pouring rain most of the way. Near Orlando the rain and wind reminded me of a tropical storm: Rain sheeting sideways across the road.

I've felt a cold coming on for a couple of days, and it finally hit full force yesterday. Scott wrote about a rhino virus that had invaded his head. I think that he must have sneezed in Texas and sent that rhino virus all the way here. So today I have a sore throat and cough with a stuffy head.

Anyway, I'm going to try the best recipe that I know: chicken soup. Then, I'm going to go back to bed. I have a lot of bloggers to catch up with. I hope to do that soon. Just know that I'm thinking about you and hope that all is going well in your lives. And that you don't have any rhinos in your head!

I'm grateful today that:
  • I drove without any accidents, although I saw a lot of them along the way
  • I can stay home and get some TLC
  • Work will still be there when I return and there won't be earth-shattering consequences
  • Chicken soup was invented as a natural cold elixir
  • The bedroom has a nice fireplace in it and a warm comforter on the bed
  • I'm content and happy in my life on this day.


  1. Syd - - -
    I am grateful that you are back home, safe, a bit sore, but sound as possible.
    Love, Anonymous #1

  2. OK. Get better.
    You know what to do.

  3. So sorry to hear about the Rhinos...yuck! Glad that you have an amazing and safe place to be in while you get well! Glad you were safe on your trip too!

    Take Care~*

  4. Good morning Syd, stay in bed and take care of you. I got a sick kiddo too this morning
    I am making her chicken soup too :)

  5. Syd. Sorry to see you are not well. But being sick in your house sounds really nice!!! Chicken soup, bed, comforter, fire. Take it easy and get well soon.

  6. Great post..and keep the rhino's in them, there parts, k?

  7. Get well soon! Loved your gratitude list. Lots to be grateful for today, huh.

  8. Hope you feel better quick. Glad you had a good trip. jeNN

  9. So sorry Syd for your 'discomfort'. My mother always called WHATEVER bothered anyone else...discomfort. I once had a heart attack in her presence, and she said I was in 'discomfort'!

    But, WOW...if she had a hang-nail, it was to bed, and be waited upon, by us four servants (us four children).

    Guess I need a mini 4th step with my mother as the topic???!!!

    Now, a c o l d ...that is SICKNESS, for me. You feel terrible, but you KNOW you're going to live. Dang it!

  10. Feel better, as we miss you.

  11. Syd, if I did not already post a comment here, I sure hope your recovery from that cold, is lots quicker than "other" recoveries...

    ...and I sure don't know what I meant by that statement. I'm sleepy again.

  12. sick, content and happy, you are a miracle of nature! get well soon. and enjoy the chicken soup. it looks delicious enough to eat, even without a cold.

  13. Stay the bed.
    Put some Vicks on the bottom of your feet, then put on some socks.
    DO IT SYD.
    This thing is 3 days coming, 3 days staying and 3 weeks of coughing to follow.

  14. That soup looks good.

    My rhino is still with me, but seems to be waning. Take care and feel better soon.

  15. I am glad you made it home safely!

  16. I had the plague (better known as upper-resp. infection) a few weeks ago and had my husband's home made italian wedding soup (better known to me as miracle in a bowl) so I know what you mean when you talk about home made chicken soup.

    Feel better soon!!!

  17. A fireplace in the bedroom? Ooooohhhh, how nice!


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