Sunday, January 25, 2009


It seems as if this weekend has crawled by. Usually, the weekend seems to just fly past. I suppose that's because the time is spent on the boat where I wish time could be suspended.

Instead of the boat, I spent yesterday inside most of the day. I got up at 3:30 AM to take a good friend to the airport. He is leaving town for a month to do some work. After dropping him off, I was both too tired to do anything of consequence but too awake to sleep. Ambivilance seemed to be the word for the day.

I'm taking care of his dog while he is gone. She is a happy girl but obviously misses him. She and I spent much of the day together with me reading and her asleep at my feet. I think that she just wanted the comfort of being near another human, all the while expecting her owner to come in calling her name. I think that she was feeling a bit ambivilant too.

Today, I'm going to go down to the boat to check on things after the rains yesterday. I also have to go help a fellow get his computer up and going. And then, I'm going to pack for a work related trip to Florida next week. I wasn't sure that my travel would be approved with the budget crisis in this state. In a way, I wish that it hadn't been approved. I find most meetings to be unproductive and too long. Usually the conclusions are action items that require another meeting.

I guess that I'm feeling a bit tired today, yet I still feel as if I have to get several things done. Ambivilant again? So, I'm going to get going and make the day a positive one. That is something that I can chose to do.

I'll be on the road tomorrow and will catch up when I can. Have a good Sunday.


  1. Im in Florida, Syd,Miami to be specific. Weather is great, so hope you enjoy.

    You are a good man and friend to take someone to the airport at 3:30am! I admire that. Enjoy the day today.

  2. mmmm, today went from prefectly windstill blue skies to stormy rain... pretty much my mood too. have a good week syd!

  3. Sometimes I walk out of a meeting feeling like a zombie and not knowing what we've accomplished. Then my paycheck comes and figure "oh well" part of the deal.
    Enjoy the change of scenery.

  4. I guess getting up too early threw your Balance off. (al-anon hugs)

    Tomorrow will be a fresh energetic more productive and non-ambivalence day.

  5. Have a trip. I understand the unproductive business meeting that leads to another meeting. I guess we're fortunate to a job right now. Happy Sunday. J

  6. I know all about F I N E......made me laugh just a bit to see it here on your blog's title.

    Hope you have a great day.

  7. Great word, I love to find words to describe feelings. I think that you are a great person to take care of friends dog and airport...I think I would be amibivalant at 3:30am too!

    Take care on your travels.

  8. I don't know why people still have to travel for meetings. Is it something you must physically be there for...


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