Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you Jenn

Today's post is dedicated to Jenn who blogs at J-Online. While I was on my trip to Florida, I received a hand decorated package from Jenn. This package was filled with a number of thoughtful things from Jenn: a hand-decorated file box, a journal, a magnetized note pad, a package of note paper and a wonderfully done paperweight with a picture of my sail boat in it.

Jenn made an offer back in December 2008 to provide craft gifts to the first three people who said that they would like one. She posted this on December 10 and called the post Pay It Forward: So I said that I wanted to do this and she made me her fourth recipient of a Jenn gift.

Here is the note that she sent:
As you can see, I'm not very creative. But I hope that you like it! Thank you for your friendship and support. I am grateful to have met you on line and appreciate your blog and insight. May you and your family have a wonderful 2009!
Many blessings,

Jenn, you are creative, and what you sent is much appreciated. Thanks for your kindness and the goodness of your heart.

So it's my turn to pay it forward. And because Jenn did four, I'm going to do four also. Let me know if you want something craft like from me. I say "craft like" because I'm not sure what I'm going to send but it will be something that reflects the culture of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. The first four to respond will get the deal.

I may not be as creative as Jenn but what is sent will come with heartfelt good wishes.

Oh, and email me your address so that I know where to send your gift. Mine is on my sidebar.


  1. Hey Syd...Id love a craft gift from you..what a cool idea...thank!

  2. Wow, I wasn't to read this! You made my day! Thank you so much! I hope your trip was wonderful. Jenn

  3. How beautiful and yes J-Online is so incredibly creative...thank you for this post and sending fun creative vibes your way!

  4. Wonderful, thoughtful gifts dear one! (Hugs)Indigo

  5. I am probably too late...but that would be cool.

    Count me in if I'm not too late..

    What a fun chain thing to start...

    Very creative... adorable received.. Life is fun this way; people connecting..

    Betty Ann

  6. Hey Syd,
    I would love a crafty gift from you only of I could pay it back, I did the "Pay it Forward" blog as well and no one signed up. I was very new to blogging at the time, but since Shadow is going to be sending me something I would like to send something too. Self Centered, yes, but progress not perfection.-Q.

  7. How cool! What a lovely gift from and for such lovely people. :0)

  8. She's very creative and I loved my gift which was similar to yours! Have fun with the Pay it Forward! Blessings Syd! Lisa

  9. little shells and things are always nice. stones and feathers. you know. beach things.
    that would be a cool 'craft' gift

  10. I am probably too late... I was trying to figure out how many people said they wanted a gift from Syd... and I couldn't.

    But just in case there is any doubt, and you still can... I would like a gift from Syd. So there you go.

  11. Gotta chuckle at this one. I think it's a great example of 'in order to keep it, I must give it away!' This is a tangible hold-tight gift exchange; 'twould probably make for a fascinating meeting program on the 12th step.

    Love this one Syd!
    Anonymous #1

  12. What a neat idea, and very thoughtful.

    Syd, I hadn't been by in awhile, just wanted to say hi, see how things were on your end.


  13. Clean and Crazy reminded me I have a bumper sticker on me rear window
    that reads "Sober N Crazy". Yep that's me. Oh, and HELLO SYD.

  14. You got lots of friends online Syd, I for one appreciate your great friendship.
    We are suffering today in UK, SNOW, I was laughing when u guys in the US had loads now its our turn, at least all the news channels have forgotten the the credit crunch for a bit


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