Monday, February 2, 2009

Gifts and the weekend

Thanks for getting in the spirit of the Pay It Forward gift giving thing. I decided (because I have a hard time refusing anyone!) that I'm going to put together a crafty gift for the following who responded: Christina, Ms. Hen, Scott, Clean and Crazy and Mary Christine. You can email me at to give me an address where I will mail your gift.

And the guidelines (I like that better than rules) are: I'll get this to you in 365 days (hopefully before then) and when you get the gift, then you pay it forward to however many people you want to). I've already got some interesting crafty ideas for what I'm going to send.

I had a no hassle trip to Florida. The days were spent in discussion meetings about research collaborations. The highlights were:
  • Some great Cuban food. And a great reception at the local lighthouse.
  • Attending an open AA meeting in Florida. It was a 12 x 12 study of Step Four. Lots of angst was expressed.
  • Catching up on things with some colleagues and discussing the impending marriage of one
  • Having a hotel room with a view of the water and sailboats. It made me long for home.
  • Getting home without any traffic hassles on Friday. That's always a good thing.
I had a quiet weekend. I did spend time on the boat but didn't take her out. Instead, after the week in Florida, I decided to hang out at home. I read, watched a movie, slept late, went to visit some friends for dinner, and caught up on my written journal. I also spent more time helping an elderly doctor set up his Mac. He gave me a wonderful porcelain African elephant in appreciation.

This week I'm happy to be back on schedule. I'm going to my home group meeting tonight. And will write about Tradition Four in tomorrow's post.

Have a good Monday.


  1. I'm officially having a mid-life something or other.....yesterday I decided I may want to move to FL within the next year. Maybe it's because all of us New Englanders are snow crazy now. It has been a bit of a tough winter and I was just FINE until a few days ago! lol

    Sending HUGS>>>>>>

  2. Lucky you in warm Florida...... Syd.

    I wish I could move somewhere warm ... like Florida.

    Traceybaby you are right this winter has seem more brutal here in the northeast. (luckily there was a reprise today and yesterday.. sunlight and in the 40s.. .tomorrow I think rain or snow.. but yay.. the sun felt good.


  3. Sounds like my kind of weekend. I'm hoping to get to Florida this month. I could use a little warm weather.

  4. sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I liked your description of your day "off". That is exactly how I like to spend mine! Have a great week!

  5. Hey thanks so much, I can't wait I will send you my address soon. Right now though we're looking at college assistance apps!!!

  6. Glad your Florida trip went well. that sounds like a relaxing weekend. My dad and I used to go out to his Columbia sometimes just to sit and do small work on it. I remember those times just as much as actually sailing. Hope your week is great.

  7. Ahhh life sounds good my friend.

  8. you sound just like your rainbow colors. they do indeed suit you perfectly!

  9. I like quiet weekends with little to do but things to take care of myself.

  10. Pay it forward. Always love that. Is there such a thing as Pay it Sideways? LOL J.

  11. Hitting meetings in other areas is always refreshing.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  12. I love your Pay it Forward Spirit! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!


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