Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some happy photos of the day

I wanted to share some photos from yesterday. It was a fun day. Lots of oysters, interesting people to talk to, beautiful scenery, warm sun, and serenity at the end of the day. I'm enjoying another relaxing day today. Hope that you are too.


  1. Very Nice...... I think you are in a good place in your life more and more.

    Good Example for me..........

    I think you learned to put yourself first in a gracious manner and still care about others...but to keep your serenity.

    It is called Maturity.

    I am in al-anon a year less than you.... I feel I got it at time; and than lose it; but do know what I have to do and how I have to live serene.

    I still have too many control issues when others dump on me about things that are not my responsibility and things I really can't fix. It is not my Stuff.

    I read your old posts and now new ones....... I see the difference..

    And I'm going to strive to keep getting stronger and enjoy the Good life I really have.

  2. I can't see what's going on in the top one... is that a whale turning somersaults?... or just my bad eyesight...

    mmm i can smell saltspray... etc etc yummee!

  3. All plumped out in steamed oysters I'll bet. Enjoy.

  4. wow. beautiful stuff. !!

    i thought of you for some reason this morning as i was reading a new book - The Essential Laws of Fearless Living by Guy Finley.. the title sounds sorta 'yeah right' and self-helpish but it is a really good spiritual guide. i don't know why i thought you'd like it but went with that instinct and so passing along. i got it on amazon. i rarely recommend books but this one is a great i think.

  5. LOL, I thought the first one was a whale too! So that makes two of us with bad eye sight.

    Looks like a beautiful day Syd. Thanks for always sharing with us...your beautiful life and your inspiring insights.

  6. Looks like it was an absolutely enchanting day! (Hugs)Indigo

  7. This is a beautiful post...thank you for sharing your day with us! I love the doggie.....splish splash...

  8. Yep, I also had a wonderful day. Relaxing, beautiful, full of sun, yet cool. Went riding!

    Thank You, God, for all this.....

  9. your photos sure helped in the relaxation process....

  10. I love these pictures. You are such a good photographer. My friend who had never seen the grand canyon has also never seen the ocean! How do we describe that?


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