Monday, March 9, 2009

More thoughts

More thoughts from meetings:

"The Reader's Digest version of Al-Anon: Get a Life."

"Focus on friendship with your partner. It doesn't require effort (no measuring). It's not about keeping track of give and take. Instead, you are happy to have time together and look forward to your next time together."


  1. I like "GET A LIFE"!!! Three words!

    Syd, I read yesterday another three words:

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." - Robert Frost

  2. 'it's not about keeping track'. important words those. since should you do that, you wouldn't be giving from your heart... this is lovely!

  3. All we need is to keep track of ourselves.

  4. I was enjoying my friend and husband Jay so much yesterday that I cannot express how lucky I feel that he loves me!jeNN

  5. so good to read your thoughts. you have a lucky lady to not have to keep track of

  6. ........ a friend of mine got out of a relationship where she really gave waaaaaay too much of her time; energy; money; etc............... to me that man was not her 'true' friend; and she did have to add it up and say that it was the wrong person to spend time with anymore.

    In a normal symbiotic relationship there should not be measuring; some days someone can give more and other receive kindly and other days it is reverse......depending on what is occurring in one's life (who is feeling well for instance)............

    But too many al-anon members give so much and do ignore or make excuses for their partners; friends; children draining them.. that it is really just co-dependency and not a higher form of self-lessness and altruism.

    They at first bought into the NOT keeping track .. but when they needed help in return; the other person was never there for them to support them emotionally; or did it lackluster or with resentment and immaturity.

    Mutual Symbiotic give and take is more healthy .. and yes, than no measuring is needed... it is a real friendship. A good emotionally healthy one..

    .......and yes, will look forward to that kind of meeting time after time.. :)

  7. Beautiful Syd. Short and sweet - love it.

    AA saved my life and Al-Anon has surely helped me "get a life".

    You wrote, "...happy to have time together.." - this reminds me of the love in a marriage and also reminds me of being with God.....Just being happy because I'm taking time to be with God.


  8. I like that, Syd.

    Thank you for your support, as always! xoxo ~T~

  9. very funny. love the readers digest

    other quote very nice too :)


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