Friday, April 3, 2009

Darting about

"Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that it passes through". Bob Dylan

“Wit is a treacherous dart. It is perhaps the only weapon with which it is possible to stab oneself in one's own back.” Geoffrey Bocca

Shadow and Inky gave me the Premio Dardos (Top Dart) award. Now, don't get the letters confused on the second part of that name. It clearly says Dart. And it's an award for those that "transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write". Wow--that's a lot of good stuff to consider when writing posts. I just like to think that I transmit what's on my mind.

Anyway, I appreciate being considered as a Top Dart. Maybe this means that my aim is sharp, straight and true. That would be a good thing.

I'm also darting about a bit on this Friday. Here are some things that I'm thinking today:
  • That this program and what it's done for me have put some great people in my life.
  • I'm going to meet with two of them today, both sponsees.
  • These sponsees are both on Step One which is an essential one to understand.
  • Being powerless doesn't mean that I can take my power back anytime I want.
  • I'm glad that I was awake and coherent enough to talk with someone from the program who called me late last night with some heavy stuff on their mind.
  • That a fellow blogger who had a bad slip a few days ago is still thinking that he's in charge
  • That it's easy for the alcoholic in my life to take back her will and drink.
  • It's a fine line that we each walk between grace and destruction.
Have a good day out there.


  1. It is a fine line.
    You navigate it well and totally deserve that award!

  2. Congratulations!!! You deserve this... ((((al-anon big hug)))...Enjoy the weekend..

  3. It must be quite powerful to be a sponsor to someone. But it sounds like you would be just the right person for that role. Who is the young man on your blog sideboard?

  4. Congrats on a well deserved award! You have always been a straight arrow in my humble opinion! Bless you and yours, especially those new sponsees! Lisa

  5. Congrats on the award! Happy darting around Friday to you.

  6. Boy, I sure do 'get' that quote about wit.

  7. I darted all over town today. The traffic here is getting as bad as Los Angeles.

  8. Your mind may dart around a bit, Syd. But your steps walk that straight line of detachment, understanding and empathy. You dispense advice without knowing it, and without anyone else knowing.

  9. darting indeed. yeah, the line is fine...

  10. You did your homework as you had mentioned on " the Dart", great Job!! You are straight UP. I know anyone who would have you as his/her sponsor, friend, are blessed. Bless You and YOURS!!:}


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