Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday things

I got back home late last night. It was a long day with a lot of discussion on budgets (where to cut a couple of million $) and revising an action plan. So the work wasn't as exhilarating as the day before. I have much more of a "forest" view point than the leaf or twig view. Nonetheless, it was good to be part of this hardworking group.

Now it's Friday, and I'm catching up on a bunch of stuff here at the office. I appreciate all your comments over the past several days. You have provided a lot of heart felt responses. A piece of the equation that I left out, probably because it smacks of "whining" and has ego involved, is that my direct supervisor is a micro-manager who has a controlling and parental style of dealing with people. I don't care for that style, find it oppressive, and toxic to productivity.

I wrote a while ago about having read a book about jerks in the workplace. I've found that the author, Bob Sutton, has a blog that has some thought provoking stuff. And one of the articles on his blog has tips for victims of workplace assholes. I liked his biggest lesson:
"The best thing to do if you are stuck under thumb of an asshole (or a bunch of them) is to get out as fast as you can. You are at great risk of suffering personal damage and of turning into as asshole yourself. Acting like a jerk isn’t just something that a few twisted people are born with; it is a contagious disease." Nuff said.

Anyway, it is Friday and that means that, all being well, there's a weekend ahead. Tonight, I'm going to do some Spoleto Festival stuff around town: maybe listen to some live blues, catch a play, have a nice quiet dinner out. And tomorrow I'm planning to head to the boat and enjoy a weekend on the water.

I'm feeling contented and happy. There are always choices in this life. And that opens up so many possibilities. So rather than feeling imprisoned, I feel wide open.


  1. Micro-managing is toxic - one feels one isn't trusted to do the work on one's own, without intense scrutiny and supervision. I feel for you - I suffered through this type of manager years ago, and since I tend to screw up when someone is looming over me, it was not a happy combination for either of us.

  2. You're right about the choices we have in life. There are so many that we can make and I know that you will make the right one for yourself. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your time on the water. It's raining here so I am going to enjoy my view of mother nature from the inside looking out.

  3. Enjoy your weekend Syd, and yes you are right about there always being choices to make in life.

  4. I love that you feel content, happy, and open to possibilities! That's such a great feeling and it makes me happy to know someone else is feeling that way.

  5. choices are good - knowing when to make them - priceless! have an excellent weekend!

  6. Hi Syd, I've worked for several assholes over the years and wish I would have taken the advice of Bob Sutton! I stayed and felt myself being crushed, hurt and wounded - took me years to overcome it.

    I'm glad your back and ready for the weekend :)

  7. Welcome back Syd, glad your feeling Happy. I am to.It feels great!! Day 3, have a Great weekend!

  8. I agree to an extent. No matter where you work (unless it is alone) you will have to work with someone you may consider an asshole.
    Of course, degrees of assholeness must be weighed..sometimes it's best to get out.

  9. OOH, I hate micro-managers, too, Syd! Just let me do my damn work and stay the hell out of my way, is the way I see it.



  10. Lots of happy campers on here this weekend! Great! F.I.N.E blog, Syd!

    "Acting like a jerk isn’t just something that a few twisted people are born with; it is a contagious disease."

    Just like some other "contagious disease"??

  11. what an uplifting post, your attitude is positively infectious.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Nice post and good perspectives and references. Now, if you could just help me with my problem - I work for an incompetent, micro-managing a-hole of the 1st order.

    That's right, I work for myself!!!

    If I could just remember that I have "new employer" (BB p. 63), life is so much better.

    Happy weekending.

  13. One of my work friends commented today that when 'the numbers' are good, they leave you alone. When the numbers are down, they swarm in like locusts.

  14. I know how you feel. I worked under a guy with SC State Parks who was a pure and simple asshole and habitual lier. I told the higher ups that if they didn't move me to another park I was going elsewhere. Luckily they moved me. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend on the boat. Looks like the weather is going to be fantastic.

  15. damn, i want what you're having. you know the expression....

    have a super weekend!!!!


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