Sunday, May 24, 2009

Heard in a Meeting

You can complain about the same problem three times.
Then you'd better be in the solution.
If you have to talk to more than three people
about the same problem,
you don't want help,
you want attention.

Meetings are an archipelago of sanity
in a lunatic sea.

God doesn't close one door
without opening a better one ~ ~
BUT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
we've got to get our fingers
out of the closing door. The reason you're in
pain is because you have your fingers
in a door God is trying to close.

There are two kinds of people:
those seeking the truth ~
and those afraid of it .

My serenity is inversely proportional
to my expectations.


  1. there are some great truths here.

  2. Love it! Especially the last one. I find that to be so true!

  3. You know what a whore I am for slogans and THOSE are wonderful!

  4. that's v wise observations, specially the top one ~ that really makes me think... about several situations ;->...

  5. WOW!! Of all the post you have written, ( all of which are amazing and helped me VERY much ) this to me is your BEST. Gosh!! You made me scratch my head several times, question myself if you are actually IN my head .
    You wrote" There are two kinds of People: those seeking the the truth
    That is ME, in my present torment with mother in law, you wrote," and those afraid of it". That is my mother in law.
    " My serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations".

    I feel my rights try to move in, and they force my serenity level down,I guess trying to rid them both, and ask myself , are they of importance? maybe then I will find serenity. Do you not think acceptance plays a big part in this world of ours?

  6. I really like that third one.

  7. Here's another:
    God closes one door and opens another, but the hallway between is Hell.

    And I love - "My serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations."
    True, true, so very true!

    Thanks Syd,
    Prayer Girl

    thanks syd. will be back soon to post thank god. Free time!!! how cool! I can hardly wait :)

  9. Wow, wow, wow. I love the part about having your fingers in the door that's closing. I find myself doing that a lot and it's completely unhealthy. Thanks for posting this...It really hit home with me today.

  10. I wish I could tattoo these inside my brain. So true and so simple. Thanks for sharing them.


  11. These are really good, I had never heard the fingers in the door before...but its true!

  12. Oh Syd. This post is extraordinary. These words should be printed out, framed, and posted in every AA meeting hall in existence.

  13. Really struck a chord with me did that Syd.

  14. I love the first one Syd, I have to keep my mind wrapped around that all the time. I'm prolly gonna twitter it, just fyi. ;-)

  15. Loved em all, but especially the serenity is inversed proportion to expectations...

  16. The first one is how my entire family of origin chooses to live their life, which is diametrically opposed to how I wish to live mine. It took me until the last several years to figure out that was the majority of dissonance in my life. Now that I figured that out about our differences, I feel ever so much calmer.

  17. Oh the wisdom in those words. I am not religious, so I have substituted the word God with the word Life ... that works for me.

    Hope you're well. fishy x

  18. I love these posts so much and so hear this too in my meetings...the one about three times in a problem is one I've heard since the beginning and I believe it to apply.

    Thanks Syd, I hope your weekend has been well!

  19. Hope you had a good weekend. It's boiling hot here.

    PS: are you a chocolate cake addict? I am...

    Konditorei rules!!!

  20. Love these! The one about having your fingers in the closing door hits close to home. Hope your having a wonderfully serene weekend dear friend! (Hugs)Indigo

  21. Boy do I know those people who want attention, not help. This helps me feel confident to not be a part of their pity party.

  22. I am learning a lot about expectations and I believe that about their relationship to serenity.

    Interesting about solutions vs. attention.

  23. Why haven't I heard such gems in my meetings? Thanks!


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