Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tall ships and heard in a meeting

  • Giving of myself is the greatest gift to the program
  • Accepting powerlessness has given me power
  • With the tools of the program, I'll be able to walk through anything that happens
  • Living with alcoholism involves a lot of losses--lost of time, energy, joy, and self. I wouldn't have known what I lost until I found something else.
  • My will and ego are not a good compass for me. They have gotten me off course many times.

Today I'm going to post some photos from Harborfest yesterday. Although the temperatures were in the upper 90's, it was well worth seeing these ships. The crews from Russia and Romania were having a hard time in the heat. But they were gracious, friendly and enjoying showing off their vessels.

The barques Eagle, Kruzenshtern, and Mircea; the schooners Capitan Miranda, Virginia, Pride of Baltimore were just some of the ships that I toured. It was a marvelous experience.

Hope that you are having a peaceful Sunday.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the ships, sounds like you are having an enjoyable day.

  2. Love that remark about ego and will not being a good compass.
    Great pictures, Syd.

  3. In 1993, I was living in NJ and was on vacation with my sons in Boston when the tall ships came in to port while we were out Whale was so impressive and sight I will never forget.

    Thank you for the up close view!

  4. 'I wouldn't have known what I lost until I found something else'. How prophetic.

    I reflect on all the things I could have missed if I hadn't found recovery. Gratitude and a life worth living are the gifts. Love the pics. Thank you.

  5. Those are some tall ships. Neat-O.

  6. WOW!! those are just too beautiful. Ty for sharing. I couldn't wait to see them I could sit for hours on a dock and watch ships coming in. As a young child we had many from all parts of the world. Portugal, Spain, Ireland, England to name a few.
    Have enjoyed this Sunday very much .. I can tell you did as well. Keep on COURSE.. SMILES

  7. Thanx - as someone who's only visited the coast (never lived there), the ships are truly amazing to me. It's incredible that we're still learning to utilize the wind for propulsion - there's always been a "rightness" to the big sailing vessels.

    Blessings and aloha...

  8. Tall ships have always excited most of who I ever knew--and me! Great shots. Bet you were like a kid at Disney World.

  9. wow, those ships are amazing. i can totally understand your love for them...

  10. Wow, I'm jealous. Great pictures and beautiful ships. I love the juxtaposition in the bottom picture of the guy dressed in sailor garb looking at his cell phone.

  11. Beautiful photos, Syd. Looks like a great time to me!




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