Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I'm about

Mama PJ posted this on her blog. The idea is to list what you are about without stopping to think about it. I guess this is a stream of consciousness about who I am and what I like. I don't think that there is a limit but I'm going to stop when I can't come up with anything else. So, today I’m about…
  1. restoring my soul with the beauty that surrounds me
  2. the flowers that are abundant in the yard at our home
  3. picking and finding interesting ways to eat the vegetables that are plentiful now in the garden
  4. getting enough sleep without any bad dreams at night
  5. being comfortable with my surroundings
  6. being in love with life and some special people in it
  7. talking to the dogs and watching their silliness as they play
  8. having the cats purring on my chest this morning
  9. seeing the many sailboats from my window
  10. wonder at puffy white clouds and blue sky
  11. modern technology that I know how to use
  12. having enough money to be generous to others
  13. acceptance and open minded views
  14. getting "I love you" calls
  15. doing my part to make the environment better
  16. being comfortable with the clothes I wear
  17. not being judgmental or unkind
  18. talking to an old colleague who will retire at the same time that I do
  19. a sentimentality that often brings tears to my eyes
  20. being who I am, all of me good and bad
If you want to write what you're about, please do so.


  1. You paint a beautiful picture of your life, Syd.

  2. If i stop and think about it, I want to be just like you...probably why you're not supposed to think about it.

  3. What a great Idea Syd. I may just do this.

  4. Syd..ring, ring.."I like you"

  5. This is great! I love both the idea and what you've written here. I'm definitely going to try out this exercise. Thanks!

  6. Syd,
    I like who you are and what you are about.



  7. Nice exercise - I feel I know you better for it.

    Thank you.

  8. that's stunning. i like how you think...

  9. What a great idea for a blog.

    I loved your list of what you are about today.


  10. you truly are wonderful. I loved all of what you are about and more.. The ones that stuck out to me are
    #6 - being in love with life and some special people in it

    #14 - getting "I love you" calls

    #19 - a sentimentality that often brings tears to my eyes

    and last but not least

    #20 - being who I am, all of me good and bad

    great thinking.. SMILES

  11. That's awesome. You should diary that and do one annually, see the different places you come to in your life. Maybe I will too.

  12. Syd, thank you for sharing of yourself so honestly with us. Good sh**.....

  13. thanks for your list- i read each and thought, that's awesome. me too!

  14. What a good exercise, I should do it. On Monday or Tuesday.

    I especially liked #20.

  15. Syd,Good posting. I'm making some changes on how my sidebar looks.I've added 2 new catagories for Blog Listings.I hoipe you like the way I'm doing thing. First Catagory is Ohio Bloggers and The second is Recovery Blogs.

  16. What a beautiful painting. Good use of color.

  17. GREAT stuff. Makes my heart smile.

  18. Love your list! This is a fun exercise, and I like Ann H's suggestion to do one each year and see how it changes. If I can remember that, I'll give it a try.

  19. I think you already know what I'm about, my friend. ;)

    When are you and your wife coming to CT for a visit? We have an extra bedroom.

    We can go to Mystic!

  20. Syd, thank you so much for sharing this exercise... it revealed to me that I am a lot more than my illness, "isms", and difficulties... and I am learning a lot from your site.


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