Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I don't have much to write about today. I'm still tired. I feel as if I need to sleep for a full day. Every night I have the intention of getting to sleep by 10 PM but instead I get lost in reading or going through blogs. So I'll stay up until closer to midnight and then feel beat up in the morning. By Thursday, all of this seems to catch up with me, but the fatigue has come on earlier this week.

The litter on the island generated quite a bit of news locally. Most beaches in this area ban alcohol. I'm not sure how I feel about that as the island where I go is only accessible by boat and is a place where dogs can run and people have a good time.

One part of me thinks that banning alcohol there would be a good thing, while another part of me says that without enforcement, bans never work. And that if people want to drink, I can't stop that. I guess that I don't want to be the arbiter of anyones drinking conduct either.

It is a grey, humid day here. I like the greyness but dislike the humidity. At least there is a breeze blowing but during the summer, the breeze is like a hot breath. I will be out of the office tomorrow for field work that will last most of the day. But it will be welcome change, no matter what the weather. I am always grateful that I get paid to do the work that I do.

Tonight is a meeting which will be good. It will be another late night though, as the meeting doesn't get out until 9 PM. No matter. There will be time to rest up this weekend.

I'm hoping that your Tuesday is going well. It's a good day here in Paradise.


  1. Just saying hello my friend.

    Love to you,


  2. I'm off to my meeting to tonight as well which also finishes at 9pm.
    Here it has been pretty rainy but they say that by Thursday the better weather will be back again.

    Get some rest and some sleep!

  3. It's a beautiful day here in paradise too Syd. I was out and about just thinking the same thing. It is hot, but there is a constant breeze from the ocean to help cool things off. That is one thing I know I would miss if I ever left this place. Glad you are enjoying your Tuesday.

  4. We seem to be doing the same thing each night. And I am also tired. Tonight I'm going to do things different...yeah, I said that yesterday too!

  5. You sound like me, except I always feel like I could sleep for a week or more before I'd really feel like I'm well rested. I too read and sift through blogs and write. Although here lately with the chaos of things, I can't seem to focus on much of anything- except for work, that I seem to be able to focus on just fine. But that's probably because there's not much related between work and personal life.

    Get some rest.

  6. When I got back from my two week vacation, I would find myself all of a sudden tired at all kinds of strange times of the day. I just needed to recuperate from the excitement and fun. So, I just went with the flow and tried to rest when I felt like it. It passed.

    Not so easy to do when you're still working. God bless.


  7. Yep...do what bloggers are always telling me to do--get some rest. Sleep well, Etc., etc. How boring!

  8. Lordy another ban law on the books. In some town in Missouri it is against the law to drink on the back of a camel. Go figure.
    Sounds like you have too much week left at the end of a good weekend.

  9. and here i am trying to catch up too, i still need to post, i work backwards i guess!!

  10. the computer can eat up a LOT of time. i find it hard to get off the thing :) we all need more sleep id say :)
    I struggle to get enough sleep and end up relying on coffee to stay awake which isnt ideal. so an early night sounds like a good idea :)

  11. the picture says it all. it's paradise indeed... now get some sleep!

  12. Hope you get caught up on your sleep. SMILES


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