Wednesday, July 8, 2009

on a barrier island today

This is going to be a "blort" post. I'm leaving in a few minutes to do an outreach program on barrier island ecology for 55 college students. And the island is my favorite spot: the weekend boat anchorage.

There will be a lot to discuss such as erosion, accretion, wave dynamics, vegetation and critters who make the barrier island home. And I'll bring up how important barrier islands are as protection for the mainland during storms.

Anyway, just a gratitude list for today. I'm grateful for:
  • Living on the coast where there is a delicate balance of conservation and population growth.
  • Keeping my own life in balance through the program of recovery
  • Looking for solutions instead of focusing on problems
  • Having a day to be out of the office and in the fresh air on my favorite beach. It doesn't get any better.
  • Sharing some information with young people who may remember a few words that will make a difference at some part in their life
Have a good Wednesday.


  1. Have a great Wednesday, Syd!

  2. Damn, Syd, I want your job! Sounds like you are going to have a REALLY GOOD Wednesday. I am so glad.

    Love, SB.

  3. Have a wonderful Wednesday Syd. I know you will.

  4. Sounds like a decent life to me!

  5. Have a wonderful day, today I am taking something really nice from your list.
    Today I will keep the excellent point you made about looking for solutions instead of focusing on problems.

    Well said!

  6. you have a lot to be grateful for, i am grateful to have this place where i can come and see how other people live.

  7. Sounds like a day spent doing what you do best! a blort some kind of alien pet from star trek? :-P

  8. Have fun, be safe and I wish I was one of those students. I'd learn do much and have wonderful memories

    I am thankful for peeps like YOU

  9. I wish I were one of your students. I just wrote a blog about finding some driftwood on the Outer Banks in 1980 and will post it next week.

  10. How blessed you are to live where you do, doing the work you do, and being able to connect with nature so readily.

    I'm happy for you,

  11. nothing wrong with short posts!
    hope you have another early night and catch up on some Z's..

  12. have a great time- that sounds fantastic. make sure to post pics!

  13. Have a great Thursday, Syd...Wednesday is OVER baby!

  14. that is important work you are doing. and i thank you for that.

  15. Thanx for the blort...

    Blessings and bon voyage and happy balances...

  16. From your follow up post it sounds like you had a good day with lots of questions. Barrier islands are magical places for sure. We just had 3 piping plover chicks hatch last week on one of the islands I get to work on; the ones from my post where we covered the nest to protect it.


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