Monday, July 20, 2009


It's a gray overcast Monday here. It has been sprinkling on and off this morning.

This is the kind of weather that makes me want to take a nap. And after the long weekend, that seems like a good idea.

Here are a few of the highlights and lowlights from the weekend.

The Highs:
  • Seeing my first turtle crawl where a female loggerhead laid her eggs
  • Seeing my first re-enactment of the assault on Battery Wagner on Morris Island
  • Getting together with friends who brought their boat to the island to anchor
  • Going to my first Aquapalooza which involved bringing in a barge and having live music playing for four hours.
  • Seeing people pack up their trash when they left so that the beach was clean and litter free.
  • The fantastic sunset on Saturday evening that made me aware of why I go to this sacred place.
The Lows:
  • Seeing signs on the island that list violations such as all dogs must be on a leash. Enforcing the litter law was all that was needed.
  • Wild weather on Friday evening that sent waves crashing over the bow of the anchor.
  • Listening to a lot of blaming talk about control that I would rather not have heard.
  • Not having the dog out on the boat
  • Hoards of mosquitoes that invaded on Saturday night when the breeze died.
Today I'm thinking about the boundaries that I have got to put in place in my relationship. I'm sad that alcoholism still has a bad bite that can inflict emotional pain when I least expect it. I need my home group tonight and will be going before the meeting to talk to my sponsor. I talked to him for a while last evening about some conflict over the weekend. I'm glad that I know enough not to believe all that I hear when alcoholism speaks.


  1. glad you had a great weekend at your sacred island. It looks awesome. One of the things I hated when people drank themselves silly was how they spoke, stupidly, arrogant, to much use of the " F" word, and how they think they were the king of the world. It is as if they are not in reality, maybe the that is a symptom of the illness

  2. Arrgg..dogs off a leash, people who don't clean up after them.

    The only thing worse is blaming talk..hope your evening offers what you need to hear.

  3. The bit about when alcoholism speaks is def what I went through last night.
    I am trying my best not to let it get to me but it did hurt.

    I am glad that you had a mostly wonderful time at the weekend.

  4. At one time I might have been one of the drunken fools,but for the Grace of God I am not.Peace my friend.

  5. Thanks Syd for your post. Hope you meeting gives some relief tonight.

  6. I hope you get what you need from your meeting Syd. Blaming talk is the worst and I hate when it comes up in my relationship.

  7. You give so much. I pray and know God will give back to you what you need - through prayer, through your sponsor, through your meeting.

    We all have to stick together under God's umbrella or we perish under the lash of alcoholism.


  8. a meeting is so welcome for me when I am in a spot - and its as if it calls to me in my head - time to go!

    Your weekend sounds overall so relaxing and great!

  9. I can relate more than I'd like. I realize at some time I may have another time to be in Al-Anon (I was an active member for ~2-1/2 years about 5 years ago) and certainly there's much, much more for me to learn.

    I see my old Al-Anon sponsor occasionally and I know that I'd be welcome back but the time is just not right yet.

    Anyway, good luck sorting through all that needs sorting and surrendering all that needs surrendering.

    Blessings and aloha...

  10. Hey Sid, little jealous here, nice scenery and music. I took a long nap yesterday to my girls disapproval (jumping on me every 10 minutes and screaming, "Wake UP DADDY!") Naps are like recovery...gotta have it!

  11. if its any consolation we often dont know we are full of s*it till after the event when the mood has passed, and we are feeling alright again.
    us alkys are moody bast*rds. thats why we need to do the ol 'restraint of tongue and pen', otherwise we get frothy and emotional and say stupid things. mostly revolving around what a put-upon victim we are. its all horse s*it. but it takes a while to figure that out..

    oh well
    keep coming back as they say.
    try not to take the alcoholic flamethrower personally. it is ALL our 'stuff'

  12. Too bad there's troubles, I wish life went smooth period at some point. God Bless anyone in a relationship.

  13. I hope you feel better by now, having attended your meeting.

  14. it is hard to talk, communicate with humility. when you have two addicts, as is my case humility takes a back seat. i never seem to get my point across, at least i feel he doesn't hear what i am trying to say and i get frustrated. so i turn to my traditions and start there. i hope you have a peaceful evening.

  15. Hoping you have a good meeting -- and insight into setting those helpful boundaries.

    How wonderful to spot that turtle crawling!

    Mary LA

  16. It's good when we have been around enough to know this too shall pass.

  17. God bless you Syd. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems...BB page 417.

  18. Good for recognising when alcohol talks. You'll get there ... wherever you want to go. xx

  19. I always enjoy the way you balance your posts with personal reflection and topics..Always an interesting read ;)

  20. Syd,
    Just sending you some love. Sounds like your head is on very straight to me. You will be just fine, my friend.

    Love, SB.


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