Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's random thoughts

I'm packing books in my office today, getting ready to move out for the renovation of the room. But those books that I'm packing are going home with me. I won't be needing them in my last 7 months here.

The weekend was a mixed bag of good things and a few miscues. The time on the boat was good. On Saturday evening as the sun was going down, I found myself thinking of my parents. I was wondering whether they are together again. In the days before my mother died, she told me that she had been dancing the night before with my father. I hope that they are dancing together now.

The weather has been stormy today. There's a northeast wind blowing in some cooler air. The days are shortening. I get up in the dark in the morning. The evening light has changed to a golden color that heralds fall.

My sponsees are keeping in touch with me. Their lives have been less volatile, and they seem to be getting the message of this program. I called a relative newcomer to my home group who is still under the thumb of alcoholism. It's hard to get the message through when someone is resigned to suffering.

I'm glad that this could be a short week if I decide to take off on Thursday and Friday. I have to go out of town for much of Saturday and Sunday. If I'm going to have any time sailing, I'll need to take off a couple of days this week. There's a tropical system brewing in the Caribbean so that may dictate how my work week and weekend activities turn out. I'm not worried. Either scenario will bring something unexpected.

"Random means without design, method, or purpose. It refers to utter chance. It helps us dismiss whatever appears to be beyond the control of our will.....The moment at random is the moment of holding nothing back, of giving our all to whatever situation is before us." Mark Nepo


  1. Syd, I hope the crazy winds/rains avoid your area so you can get some sailing in. I'm going to enjoy this last long week end myself, by spending time with friends and nature.

  2. Increasingly, I'm enjoying the random in my life and letting go of the controlled.

    Blessings on your transitional times...

  3. Under the thumb of alcoholism is a good description of sheer insanity. The resignation to suffering seems to change with enough pain. Maybe he's just not there 'yet'. I can't imagine someone who is new, not wanting to have what you have...peace and serenity. Monday blessings to you.

  4. Wow, what a great post, you know the idea of random, is so amazingly simple, yet so ellusive...I hope that the winds of change blow through again and your sails are set for the sea!

    Many hugs,

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting, you always have such great things to say. I love reading your blog, your writing has such a comforting and safe feeling about it. Happy random week!

  6. Random is coming slow to me. I have always been someone who plans. Over the last few years i've decided to just let go & go with the day. Whatever the day holds for me, I will grab it and go with it. I find i'm much less tense and more adapting then I ever gave my self credit for.

    Sail on my friend! I love the water.

  7. Seemingly random moments can be so awesome.

  8. I hope the tropical system goes somewhere else. I don't want to deal with anything like that with hubby gone and I don't want him having to scooter in that kind of storm.

    I'm holding positive thoughts that it will end up no problem - and you will have great sailing weather.


  9. I agree with Ed G. I always thought I enjoyed the random because I flew by the seat of my pants. Now, I live life one step at a time...without being blindsided by uncontrolled patterns in my own life. I love it. Thanks always for a great post.

    And, I'm sure your parents are waltzing the night away.

  10. Oh yeah, for sure go sailing! (I just got a flashback of that song from years ago by Christopher you remember it?)

  11. i know what i'm doing tonight... dancing with my man...

    have a good week!

  12. Being at the mercy of the sea, has it's thrills though doesn't it?

  13. packing can be so stressfull yet liberating...

    Hope the sea takes it easy on you.

    Weather forcast looks good here for the holiday weekend.


  14. *ah* I don't know why, but randoms make me happy.


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