Thursday, September 3, 2009

About those boxes

Little M asked for folks to visit her blog. I went there but can't make any comments because the comment box doesn't show up. Maybe it's just my computer. But I also found that I can't make comments on Aamy's blog either. For some reason the embedded comment boxes are difficult. So Little M and Aamy, I read your blogs but can't seem to leave a comment.

Evidently, the default for new blogs is the embedded comment box. If you want to change, you can go to Dashboard and then Layout to Settings and to Comments. I like the Pop Up box.

Just wanted to call attention to the fact that some browsers have a difficult time with those darn embedded boxes.


  1. Hello! Hello Syd!!
    Can you see this? Can you read it?



  2. I think Amy's, sadly, is set to no comments. I wish it wasn't. She's a pretty cool gal.

    The other, I just went and tested for you but nada. At least I can thank you for the read.


  3. I've found that sometimes it's the browsers, but sometimes it's ME!!!! I never professed to be computer-savvy!!!

  4. Syd, thanks for pointing this out. I had a few readers tell me the same thing and I switched comment box types. I think maybe using Firefox rather than IE helps too :)

  5. i get that too. with Aamy's blog... unable to comment at all.

  6. I read blogs in Firefox but post in IE. I haven't had problems with those comment boxes, but the ones that use word verification are a pain. Unless you are getting spam comments there isn't any use for them.

  7. Wow. I had no idea! Thanks for the heads up (and coming by to visit!). I think it's fixed now :)


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