Thursday, September 3, 2009

The spiritual bank

"Let nothing upset you;
Let nothing frighten you.
Everything is changing;
God alone is changeless.
Patience attains the goal.
Who has God lacks nothing;
God alone fills all of our needs."

Blessed Mother Teresa's Prayer

My spiritual bank got a little low last evening. I let myself get sucked into an expectation that didn't turn out the way that I wanted. I let someone else start to fill my needs.

When that happens I remind myself of the prayer above. It is my favorite prayer. It reminds me that I don't need to rely upon the unreliable. It reminds me that I lack for nothing today.

Because of the program, I think differently than I used to. I have insights that have brought about healing of myself. I have a clearer self-image. Much of my self-doubt has been replaced with a new confidence.

I've learned to trust my Higher Power who takes me places and shows me things that have opened my mind to so many possibilities. I am grateful for my transformation that is a direct result of God's grace.

Even my failures and shortcomings are things that I can learn from. They keep me humble. I am learning to appreciate the journey. I have never been a quitter, although I've wanted to do so many times.

I have taken plenty of tests in my life. And I've been tested quite a few times. But I don't just want to get by; instead, I want to do the best that I can. I want to continue to learn and grow. I know that as long as I keep working the program and trusting in God's will, that my spiritual bank will help prepare me for the tests of life to come.


  1. What a beautiful prayer. I hadn't heard that before. Funny, I just posted about a very similar theme to what you've written here. About being humble and accepting our shortcomings. It's here:

    I don't get many readers. In fact, my stat counter tells me that not one person has visited my blog in two weeks. So I'd love to see someone stop by :)

  2. Hi Syd, things I again need to hear, Luke my son is getting to the age now that he is independant and has his own life and sometimes it just feels so painful to watch him drift away not wanting him to make the mistakes I have.
    You are right though to have God in my life is the most important and you know sometimes I have started just recently to get that warm spiritual feeling.
    It may not seem it but this year I feel my faith has grown so much stronger...
    Thanks Syd for your wonderful words of wisdom

  3. Hi Syd..yes we do seem to be on the same page...but I think you may be a bit further than I in the situation last night was more about resisting someone else's expectation...and resistance is not good...but I'm just not quite there yet...Thomas Keating says resist no thought, react to no thought, just rest in the silence..I'm afraid I failed miserably..but he would also say this is not failure but another opportunity to return to God. Your post really spoke to me glad to be back in blogdom!

  4. Mother Teresa truly had attained enlightenment while still in human form. This prayer is alot like this quote from ACIM which helps me to not be afraid.
    "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, therein lies the peace of God."


  5. Well Syd, you did it again! You always seem to write exactly what I need to read. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and support. Today, I will stay present and with God.

  6. I know for me, when I am most humble, I am most open to hear God's whispers. I learn from my humility. The part I must find contentment in is waiting for God to humble others when they are hurtful or spiteful to another. We may never see his plan with those types of people but each time I am hurt, OH MY, I learn far more than I could being content 24/7. Great post Syd. Tammy

  7. I'd sure think about sending the photos and letters...but that's all I'd do, I'd never really send them.

  8. Love the prayer too. I'm going to copy it for myself. I understand why it's your favorite! Thank you for sharing it. jeNN

  9. You have such a gentle way with your words, yet such a powerful message. The prayer is beautiful.

  10. Syd
    Your blog is like the fresh sea air..It always soothes my thoughts and enlightens my day..thank you!

  11. We must stay vigilant. Gotta keep that bank account full.

  12. exectations... lead to a fall. and even though it know this, every now and again, that's just what happens...

  13. Isn't it a wonderful gift to be able to see the good in our lives, even when at first glance it wouldn't appear to be a blessing? We do learn from everything we go through and for that I am grateful. I trust and believe that what hurts will eventually transition into new knowledge and compassion for those around me.

  14. TY for giving me a spiritual uplift this morning with your words and directing me here to this poem.
    It's hard for me to open up and let things in, put trust in, as you know from my past ordeals, I do know have truly prayed and prayed allot this year,allowing God to lift me, to take on burdens,
    and fill my needs.. TY :}


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