Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's a we program

Many thanks for all your supportive comments and prayers for my wife's sponsor. She is having surgery this morning to remove the 2 cm tumor on the brain. The surgeons don't seem to think that much can be done for the lung that is cancerous. But some time will be "bought" by doing surgery. She is upbeat and has decided she wants to have quality of life for the time left.

The local AA community has rallied to be supportive as well. All of this reminds me that this is a "we" program. As you have shown me, there are those smooth sailing days but then life intervenes and tough times occur. But I know that my Higher Power is in charge all the time.

I can choose to have a really good day even when the waves are rushing at me as they were yesterday. I know that even if the light at the end of the tunnel looks like a train ready to bear down on me, it will eventually pass on by. I give a lot to this program, but I receive so much more back. The friends that I have here and at my meetings are priceless.

Al-Anon is not my whole life, but it has made my life whole. This is a "we" program. We all have our ups and downs. When I'm down, you can help me by sharing your experience, strength and hope. It works great.


  1. Amen to friends and the "we" program, we are like family here, many miles apart, from different parts of the world. WE receive strength, courage, hope, love and smiles from all.

    we are good, kind, loving, forgiving, comforting, everyday, You have lifted my spirits on here so many times, I hope I can send some back to you..
    God bless !!

  2. wow you sound like you are in a much !! better place today. the fellowship really works doesn't it? I feel a real sense of the fellowship in meetings and online. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share our concerns and know that other humans care for our welfare and want to help. That in itself fills a ? void.

    It sounds like she is planning on using her time left to good effect. God love er..
    I saw a former monk reading 'Easy Death: Spiritual Discourses and Essays on the Inherent and Ultimate Transcendence of Death and Everything Else' and thought it looked interesting but have not had a chance to read it.

    Melissa essential oil from a reliable supplier like Fragrant Earth, (online) is expensive but is supposed to help prepare the subject for passing on. I haven't had enough experience to report more than it feels very relaxing. But I find patricia davis's essential oil reviews have in the past rung true. She details melissa in her book called suble aromatherapy. you apply it to the skin in oil. 1 drop per 5ml of oil.

    The experts on death are the Tibetans. There are lots of things you can do for someone who may die soon to help them. a lot of it is in the tibetan book of living and dying, but there are many titles. Good life, good death sounds nice but i haven't read it.

    I have read Grace and Grit by Ken Wilber and his wife Treya (who died of cancer) and thought it was very good. Perhaps your wife might benefit from it?

    I LOVE what Ajhan Chah said, "Everything is teaching us'. It helps me see that everything is really just an opportunity to be of help to somebody. Or something.. But I love it whatever it means :)

    Glad the fellowship is working for you Syd :)

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better and were able to have a good day even dealing with very sad circumstances. I will continue to pray for your wife's sponser and for you both.

  4. "Al-Anon is not my whole life, but it has made my life whole."

    Love this line you wrote - and I think that is how it is suppoed to work!

  5. Isn't it wonderful? And you put it so beautifully Syd.

  6. I know from my own experience, that we don't really comprehend the power of the fellowship until we need help. WE are there for each other, WE pray for one another, WE hold hands and cry together. I think that is how God intended for us to treat one another. I will pray for healing and a miracle.

  7. Just saying yo, Syd. Glad you feel a bit better today.



  8. Syd -

    My thoughts are with you and your wife and her sponsor.

    - Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  9. my mother had an inoperable tumor in her lung, the chemo bought her 11 months of good health. Hope all goes well with the surgery, by the way i left an award for you on my blog today.

  10. Your words today show your depth of spirit. Even tragic events are full of love and grace if you are open and aware enough to experience it.
    Sending rayers for all of you. jeNN

  11. I was just having a conversation with my brother today about this - the way that when people in recovery come together, there's so much more in the "we" than there could be with any of the individuals. (The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.) I've felt this keenly in the last month. Your kind and encouraging comments have been part of this, and I'm thankful.

  12. my thoughts and prayers are with your wife and her sponsor.

  13. "...mad my life whole" - I like that. I may steal that one sometime...

    Continued blessings on you and yours...

  14. You say everything so well, Syd. Glad you got through yesterday's "Baseball-bat-hit-on-the-head"...

    Even in tragedy, God's Will sometimes shows Itself the very next morning.

    PEACE! To you and your wife.

  15. prayer for you all... for God's Will and Peace

  16. We get the real deal and for that I am entirely grateful.

  17. And when you add the internet family, it is HUGE. I'll say a prayer, Syd.

  18. Sending love and hugs to all of you. "Al-Anon is not my whole life, but it has made my life whole." I totally get this concept. It's strange where and when you can find purpose and direction in your life.


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