Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sun day

It's another glorious day on the boat. We woke up late and are having a good breakfast. We didn't eat the octopus so will make do with yogurt and an omelet.

We read about Bill and Lois this morning. This is a book that clearly describes the hell of alcoholism and how cunning, baffling and powerful it is. I suppose that most of us know that though.

After breakfast we'll walk on the beach and then sail up one of the nearby rivers to explore. It seems like a good day for new adventures. I hope that this day provides new opportunities for you.


  1. Syd, please don't ever eat octopus K? Because I know in my heart that it just can't be right. ;)

  2. Octopus, squid, eel.. ewww all creepy things from the sea.


  3. Something seems right about Bill and Lois and Octopus. Maybe not.

    Blessings and aloha...

  4. Yogurt and an omelet - what a glorious meal to have on a boat out in nature. You describe a life - walking on the beach and sailing up nearby rivers - that sounds wonderful. Enjoy!


  5. It's nice to read about your adventures on the boat. It makes me miss the bike, it's too cold now.
    I'm glad you're having a good time.jeNN

  6. So glad you're both having a great time --

  7. I've had squid but never octo...

    Sounds like a good day. I think its wonderful that you two read together in the mornings.

  8. coming here brings me peace... I like that very much!

    I visited with some old friends who recently moved here from Harker's Island NC. They miss the island life but love being back close to family friends again.

  9. no comment on the octopus. i say one in real life when i was real real little and haven't been able to put my lips to it since. too darn ugly, heee heee heeee.

  10. A fried calamari omelet just doesn't sound right, but the spicy Greek octopodi sounds delish!

  11. I think I'm glad you didn't eat the octopus.

    Sounds like a nice day there.

  12. Sounds like a good time was had.

    And I can't advise on octopus, as I've have never tried it.

  13. Octopus?! Eww.
    Beautiful image here by the way.
    You and your dog :)
    And sweet simple post..
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Are you reading My Name is Bill by Susan Cheaver?

    That book scared the hell out of me!! Here I had been thinking all these years that AA is some sort of salvation...what happens to Bill??? He becomes a sex addict, treats his wife like shit and begs for alcohol on his death bed.

    Interesting read but it sort of depressed me....


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