Saturday, November 28, 2009

Octopus and dolphins

It's a magnificent day here. Blue sky, light breeze, and warm temperatures are making it glorious. We came out on the boat yesterday and have been for a beach walk this morning. I spotted an octopus crawling up on shore. It was clutching a clam with one of it's tentacles. The porpoises were herding fish on low tide so perhaps the octopus' primal instinct urged it to come on shore rather than be eaten. I picked it up and placed it just at the edge of the water. It gradually began to siphon water and crawl among the clumps of algae at the edge. The dolphins prowled just beyond.

Earlier a sponsee called to say that he needed help. His wife is drinking and using opiates. He feels trapped, alone with his own killer. He told me "I had less than 24 hours with any semblance of sanity," I thought about how hard the disease is on families and how God presented us with choices. He didn't make those choices easy at times.

Sometimes it's a matter of whether I stay in safe waters or venture out of my comfort zone. By His grace today I can walk the beach on a beautiful day and muse about an isolated octopus, some dolphins, and choices.


  1. Alcohol + opiates. Terrible place to be. For both of them.

  2. So glad it is nice for you today. It is not so - for so so so many folks.

  3. ...and, isn't that lovely...

    Best wishes toward your friend.

    Blessings and aloha...

  4. I am in a low place in my spirit so - - I think I will join you in musing about octopi, dolphins, and choices.

    Maybe I can make a choice to get out of the low place.

    Love and prayers,

  5. Just checking in for a reality check from my favorite Al-Anon. It's terrible to say, but people who have worse problems than mine really make me grateful.

  6. Sorry to hear about your sponsee, but he's in the right place.

    How cool about the octopus and dolphins! It would be great to live somewhere that you could see such wonderful marine life :)

  7. your day sounds good, not so your friends... hope it works out for him though.

  8. I love it when God helps me by putting someone in need foremost in my mind and a natural 'idea' in my experience which suddenly turns light switches on. Nature reflecting truth and helping me to see a larger picture and choices in my own life.

    I still have issues and problems and God tends to continue to use this program and the natural world around me to get me to the right place and the right decisions for my life.

    Wonderful reflection Syd!

  9. Sometimes it's just hard. Other times it's a bit easier. All the while grace is with us.

  10. a living metaphor...

    magical, miraculous, very kool Syd :-)

  11. What an amazing sight.....would love to see that.

  12. What a beautiful analogy! A great reminder to be grateful if our lives are not burdened today by active drug or alcohol abuse. What a lovely way to spend the day.


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