Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today is my friend's 19th birthday in AA. He had his last drink at 7:40 AM. It was his dark night of the soul.

After drinking all night and for days previously, he remembers looking at the clock before passing out. Another alcoholic tried to revive him but couldn't. So he and another friend, fearing alcoholic poisoning, took D. to detox.

Today I pray for those still sick and suffering. And I thank God for those who are sober through his grace.


  1. Happy birthday to your friend. Thank God for people like him, showing us all that recovery can be a life journey, one day at a time. Around here we say, "You had better remember your last drunk, or you'll be doomed to repeating it." I'm grateful for my own dark night of the soul.

  2. Congrats - if you're an alcoholic of my variety, 19 years is a long time between drinks!!!

    Blessings and aloha...

  3. Dark night of the soul, I can relate to that....chills.

  4. This is a good reminder to everyone wishing their alcoholic friends were happy. Sometimes the darkest days birth a new life.

  5. Syd thanks for your kindness to us alcoholics--you contribute SO much to these blogs!

  6. Hi Syd. I am back after a week away from the computer and when I read back in your blog entries I didn't realize that you were talking about a "Past" experience when you told of your wife getting drunk. It really threw me! So glad it's in the past and that you found Al-anon.

  7. Amen.
    Thank you for sharing this,Syd.

  8. 19th birthday, i'm so happy for him!!!

  9. congrats to your friend,a nd thanks for praying with us, for us!

  10. Very wonderful stuff!

    :) I shared in the celebration of a friend who has been blessed with 20 years of sobriety...

    Good stuff!

  11. Happy Birthday to your friend & Amen to your message. Hugs. Tammy

  12. How 19 years!
    A happy "B'day" to him, that's great.

  13. Happy Birthday to D! And he is fortunate to have such a friend as Syd.

  14. I am so happy for your friend D, Happy Birthday and keep going..
    Syd Ty for your comments.. I found this awhile ago, I do not know the author, all I know is it was written by a a young gal in rehab.

    The Poetry of Recovery

    No More Locked Doors

    Everyday we pass through doors
    Whether they’re open or locked, the decision is yours
    When you choose to slip up, that decision is gone
    How long they’re locked depends on what you’ve done.

    Now you sit, staring, at the locked doors all around
    The thoughts in your mind beating you soul to the ground
    That time has now come to put change in your ways
    Stop living your life in some substance-induced haze.

    The time will soon come to unlock the door
    From then on set your goals to always want more
    If it’s the negative road and wrong choices you make
    Someday, real soon, your life, those drugs WILL take.

    So when you hold in your hand the key to your door
    Don’t be that guy face down on the floor
    For EVERYONE has the potential to be great
    Just like the doors, you hold the key to your fate.


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