Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The eve of eve

Today has been a day off from work. I took the dogs to the park for a couple of hours. They met up with some pals and checked their pee mail.

I like to watch the doggy interactions. Everyone ran and jumped and played fetch. There was no growling or bad behavior. I wish that people had the ability to get along like dogs do.

I just talked to a friend in AA who did a 12 step call. The drunk man was so shaky and dehydrated that they called for medical assistance so that he could receive fluids. Today, my friend Is taking the man to detox. I wonder what wife/mother/father/child/ is hoping for the miracle of recovery this Christmas.

I am thankful for having sober people in my life today. But I am thankful that their alcoholism was the reason that I sought help for my own troubles. I still have a long journey but can look behind me at the rough terrain I've covered and see how far I've come.

I'm going to post some photos over the next couple of days of Christmas things. I can feel the joy seeping in and I'm letting it. I hope that there is joy in your heart today.


  1. I'm feeling the joy. All of a sudden it caught up with me!

    Best wishes for a perfect holiday, Syd.

  2. I hope you have a very happy Christmas, Syd! I'm thankful for your blog. It's really helped me out a lot this past year. :)

  3. I am happy to report that I am "feeling the joy".

    God bless. Have a beautiful Christmas. I look forward to the pictures you share with us.


  4. Love the *pee mail* reference. Also love that someone, somewhere choose help from alcoholism this Christmas.

    Will pray for that miracle to continue.

    Merry Christmas Syd to you, your wife and family.

  5. Syd,

    This will be the first Christmas that I will have had Al-Anon in my life. While I am fortunate not to live with active addiction in my family life, it has affected my romantic relationships significantly in recent years. Your individual support and the program have eased my sadness greatly over the past months and they will be something from which I will draw strength in the lonely moments of the holidays and into next year. Peace, love and happiness to everyone.

  6. Joy and gratitude for a sober festive season.

  7. Happy christmas to you and your loved ones Syd. Thank you for this year and your guidance. Take care

  8. Yes, now that you mention it, I am feeling the joy! Happy Christmas, Syd!

  9. Wishing you a very merry nonalcoholic one and a fab 2010


  10. Feeling it in Texas, too. It's going to be chilly and that makes it easier to be in the spirit. Grateful to be enjoying the festive mood this year.

  11. Pee mail. Love it! Thanks, Syd. I enjoy every post.


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