Friday, December 18, 2009

An honestly wet day

It's a wet and blowy Friday here. The view outside my window shows white caps in the harbor and rain blowing sideways. It's one of those days that's just right for finding a cave and taking a nap.

I'm going down to the boat later to check up on things. I doubt if I'll go anywhere except to the marina because it's just too nasty out today. But if I spend the night on the boat, then there is a chance to get an early start in the morning and head upriver to more sheltered waters.

My friend and fellow bloggerGG over at G-Log asked me to write 7 honest things about myself. I did this a while back but will come up with a few others that I can add today:

1. I enjoy cooking and like trying new foods for others. If left alone though, I could subsist on soup, pizza, and chicken wings.

2. I would rather be around animals than with people. I am a loner at heart, yet I like companionship with those that I am closest to. I am an enigma.

3. I like writing but sometimes I read what others write and think that I could either be wittier, more erudite, more...something. And some days I just don't have much to say. That generally occurs when I feel particularly good.

4. I am an electronics and technical geek to a certain extent. I like trying to figure things out. I do better with machines than with people.

5. I don't like doing mundane and repetitive things. I am always looking for new adventures and something new to explore. Maybe that's why the career that I chose has been such a great one. I am always exploring something new.

6. I am put off by those who try to manipulate and control me, yet I have done my share of the same over the years. I am a conundrum as well as an enigma.

7. I have a reputation as being forthright and to the point, which is often viewed as intimidating. Much of that demeanor has softened since Al-Anon, yet when my back is against the wall, I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe to be truth.

There you go. Have a peaceful Friday.


  1. I so understand the conundrum and enigma feeling. When I first came into the rooms, I was so confused at how I could have zero self esteem but an overinflated ego. I finally understood. I am a geek who does better with animals and machines, too. I am getting better at the one-on-one stuff.

    Enjoy a nap today :-D


  2. hiding in a cave sounds serene. have a wonderful holiday!!

  3. I relate to a lot of what you said... especially not having anything to write when I feel good. Interesting. I think it's easier to express happiness so it doesn't get all bottled up inside, perhaps.

  4. someone once advised me that if I wanted unconditional, I had better buy a dog.

  5. great to have found you. peace for your journey.

    i'm in recovery myself.

  6. Nice to know more about you, buddy. Try and stay warm and dry.

    Love, SB.

  7. After several(double diget) years of sobriety I was still being told that I was at times intimidating and manipulating. I went to Alanon to help my son (alcoholic) and to improve my relationship with my wife (Alanon). What I learned and am still learning after 22 yrs in Alanon was that I was there to help. I had to start living the
    principles of Alanon; to become inter-dependent (balanced) rather than co-dependent or counter-dependent). I also found out the co- and the counter- in me can be equally intimidating and manipulating.

    Good post.
    We're drenched but all the ducks are smiling.


  8. wrapped in a riddle... lol

    Have a peaceful day Syd!

  9. yeah, what does f.i.n.e. stand for anyway?

    nice post Syd.

  10. You write with a connection to everyone reading the blog. So, if you're better with machines than with people, you must be great with machines.

  11. You sell yourself short on being good with people. Maybe you just don't know it but you touch many with a simple sentence.

    I do however, happen to agree with the animal vs people theory. A cave sounds darn good to me. It's biting here. Bone cold.


  12. Glad to get to know you a little more. For someone who is not a real people person, you sure do communicate with a lot of us. You are a conundrum. That's a good thing. There's interest in conundrums.

  13. I wish you the best of weekends as well.

    Blessings and aloha...

  14. I like getting to know more about you. I prefer my dog to anyone. We should aspire to be the person that are dogs think we are. :) jeNN

  15. What a great list of honesty- I couldn't agree more with you on some of those points. if the cave has a bubble bath, fuzzy snuggle socks wifi, count me in!

  16. Syd, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments.

    Also, thanks for sharing your honesty with us. That is why I enjoy your blog... your writing is real... authentic, open and honest! Keep at it, Syd :)

    Have a great weekend too!

  17. aaaaah, a loner by heart i am too... have a warm (and dry) day!

  18. I enjoyed your 7 honest things and and thank you for accepting the challenge.

  19. Somebody taking a writing course told me she was having a hard time opening up and revealing herself, which was the assignment. She said she did not want to reveal herself, that she had spent a lifetime covering up, hiding herself. And she felt irritated by the assignment, even though she knew she needed to break through and force herself to do it.

    And that is key, I think. Write for yourself. No matter what you are writing pretend it is just for you, that you are your only audience. Drill down deep. Keep going, keep at it, that's it, go farther. Once you find you and write from that, you are glowing. I promise you that.


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