Friday, December 11, 2009

Third Step Prayer

As part of the third step, I ask sponsees to develop a prayer. I wanted to provide this one that I found particularly profound. It is from S.G.

God, Goddess, Universe, Power, Divine Energy,
Take me home
..... to Myself, My Soul, My Heart.
Help me to allow the Power that I am to emerge.
May by beauty take me over....
Like water
Eroding away the jagged edges
that keep me locked in obsession
of some him or her that I confuse will heal my heartache search for connectedness.

May I not deny my quest for union,
but instead see all I have as
the opportunity to be connected
to if I choose.
Help me to know this connection can
be not just enough but it can
exceed my expectations and leave me
with a sense of solidity within
Myself and Everything
that will make
what I am seeking undesirable.

May disappointment not rule me. May I transform
disappointment and bring what I truly seek to
the table wherever I do and am.

Help me to use creativity to experience Us in union......
for you are within me and all around me
and I am of you.
I now and will surrender in your presence and
listen to the Power of our truth;
As I trust our guidance as the wholeness we make in Unity.
Blessed Be.


  1. Quite profound! Thanks for sharing this.

    Merry Christmas!
    Anonymous #1

  2. Beautiful prayer. The ritual of prayer and meditation can be so personal and meaningful. I like it that you suggest to sponsees they personalize it--GREAT way to really make that connection with the "God as we understand Him".


  3. Bravo, what necessary words..., a magnificent idea

  4. Really good Syd, but I'll stick with the original--it's shorter!

    Actually, I make up my own every time any more, because I'm allowed long as I keep the idea that all what I might have is merely(?) to show off the Power of my Creator, and my gratitude.

    Your posts...still outstanding!


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