Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday of rest

The gray drizzly morning has now given way to sun. We decided to sleep in this morning and then go for a walk on the beach. The wind is fresh from the NE.

Instead of going on the boat we are going to build a binocular holder for the boat. Before Al-Anon, it would be a disaster to work together on a project.

I remember trying to wallpaper, sheetrock, and paint together. Those projects were interspersed with hurt feelings, anger, and defeat. I am ashamed to admit that I put a hammer through the sheetrock after a particularly ugly bout.

It feels good to work together without rancor now. If impatience does occur, I can now walk away, take a break, and practice restraint.

Later, I am going to a meeting. It's rare to have a weekend not on the boat. So this day offers up some opportunities to relax and enjoy each other in other ways.


  1. This is great, Syd. Have a most wonderful day!

  2. Yes, I so understand the pain of remembering the outbursts prior to working on recovery. And for me, it also means therapy. It is so lovely to be in the house together and sort of cooped up with all the snow forever and we get along and have fun and life has a peace and calm now. I am happy to hear you speak of enjoying each other and how you are able to work through the ouchy times now.

  3. We Alanoners can behave badly stone cold sober! With sick and suffering and little old ladies, imagine . . . ;>)

  4. Hey Syd its hard sometimes to work with people but I managed with Betty at the Circus.
    She is a bit like Ann Robinson from The Weakest Link (Though I dont know if you watch that in US)
    Yes I have had a good walk today, enjoyed this week again

  5. I can't imagine you wielding a hammer in anger !! This Al-anon and AA stuff really works, doesn't it?

  6. Lovely progress noted...

    Blessings and aloha...

  7. you and us had the same kinda day yesterday... grey and drizzly...

    rest on up!

  8. Sometimes it's all about flexibility!

  9. A hammer through the sheet rock? I think I'm remembering the day a broom handle flew through a door. What a cheap door.

  10. my wife and I are working in that direction... it's getting better daily.

  11. Love the photo you posted. I want to be right there in those wooden chairs by the water.

    The blessings received from working the Al-Anon program are valuable beyond measure.



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