Saturday, February 27, 2010

My 12 steps before Al-Anon

1. I decided I could handle any emotional problems if other people would just quit trying to run my life.

2. I firmly believe that there is no greater power than myself and anyone who says differently is insane.

3. I made a decision to remove my will and my life from God, who didn't understand me anyway.

4. I made a searching and thorough moral inventory of everyone I know, so they couldn't fool me and take advantage of my good nature.

5. I sought these people out and tried to get them to admit to me, by God, the exact nature of their wrongs.

6. I became willing to help these people get rid of their defects of character.

7. I was humble enough to ask these people to remove their shortcomings.

8. I kept a list of all the people who had harmed me, and waited patiently for a chance to get even.

9. I got even with these people whenever possible except when to do so would get me into trouble.

10. I continue to take everyone's inventory and when they are wrong, which is most of the time, I promptly make them admit it.

11. Sought through the concentration of my willpower to get God, who didn't understand me anyhow, to see that my desires were best, and He ought to give me the power to carry them out.

12. Having maintained my emotional problems with these steps, I can thoroughly recommend them to others who don't want to lose their hard-earned status, but wish to be left alone to practice neurosis in everything they do for the rest of their days.

I am glad to have a different view of living today.

Here are a few photos from today:


  1. You feel yourself drift back into them old ways sometimes, like when I took my mum to Sheffield and shouted at her, I was trying to run the show but I can see it.
    Lovely photos, I bet you are as bad as me with your phone

  2. Thank you, Syd. Very well done, with humor and warmth. Sounded a lot like me on pre-recovery days, (and on the days now when I behave like I am in pre-recovery.) I am going to cross post to my blog, if your don't mind. Really glad that I let go on that prayer and "medication" clause in my version of Step 11!

  3. SYD, this is SO well done, you don't miss one angle here. And this is PRE-Alanon!

    I'm taking the liberty of adopting several of these as I still make use of them now and then, even in today's sober atmosphere:

    3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11.

    Thank you so much, Syd

  4. Great post Syd, this is so true for me, I found myself alienating and working to defend an impossible set of circumstances and drama when I drank, thank you for such amazing writing and a wonderful way to remind us...and thank goodness for the power of recovery if we chose it.

  5. Nice way to turn the steps around to where we all were before our twelve step programs. We all need a sense of humor. It helps.

  6. I wasn't an alcoholic and didn't have a problem as long as I could keep a job and get up every morning. Boy were we delusional (winks). Love the pictures. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. I think this is so good and true, for me, that I am just going to post a link to it for my post today. The pictures are wonderful,especially the last one. I get the feeling you are in your own domain today!

    Enjoy the breezes.


  8. 12 steps to somewhere.

    Great insights. Thanx!

    Blessings and aloha...

  9. Oh, no, I could relate to those steps!

  10. I too am familiar with those steps... Thankfully I don't practice those nearly as often anymore :-)

  11. Ouch, yup I so relate to those steps! I took them often in my past, still sometimes start to traipse down that path without realizing it at times.

    Glad we're all in this together reminding each other...

    "Nope, the path is this way!"


  12. Tremendous post. Your generosity in sharing is abundant and pure. Thank you.

  13. Beautiful photographs - you have seen some lovely sights today. Your 'Steps' really made me chuckle.

  14. Keep coming back.... Good post.

  15. Incredible...both your post Al-Anon steps AND the photos. You're amazing.

  16. Thanks for the laugh at myself, Syd - and beautifully put.

  17. Very insightful, and a great way of being able to reflect on life before Al-anon. It's amazing how we live with our eyes closed but swear they are wide open!

  18. Sometimes we see even more clearly when we look at the absurdity of the direct opposite. This was a very ingenious and effective look at the 12 steps.
    Thanks, Syd.


  19. are surrounded by beauty aren't you, Syd? And it is all so varied. I'll bet you didn't see any of it before Alanon ... or at least that's how it was for me before AA.

  20. Ouch. Too close for comfort. Yet hilarious. Thanks, Syd.

  21. boy I can relate to these Syd. Before...I also did that kind of stinkin thinkin...and boy did it ever help me stay down...Sarah

  22. Such beautiful atmospheric images

  23. Hi Syd,
    What a wonderful blog, you are a very good writer! I love your 12 steps, just laughing to myself because I could have penned them myself! I've been in Al-Anon over 10 years, would love to connect. I blog about my life of coping with panic attacks and often mention my Al-Anon program.
    So good to meet you.

  24. I am new to the program and this reiteration of the steps created an epiphany for me. I have been struggling since I began Al-Anon with how I see and, more poignantly, feel that the steps are at odds with the survival strategies I've clung to, having grown up with a household fueled by addiction. Thank you so much for this and your blog, which I try to read every day. Thank you for sharing.


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