Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photos and other things on Tuesday

I'm posting some photos from the oyster roast that I went to on Sunday.  
This is the plantation house on whose grounds the festival was held. You may recognize it from Gone With the Wind. 
Here is where the massive oyster cooking occurs.
She was one of the contestants in the oyster eating contest. She didn't win. 
All the shells get recycled to be used as new habitat for oysters,
  The shucked product ready to eat.
And there was even some elephant ears (guess who is eating this one?) and other great food for those who didn't want oysters. The local Restaurant Association prepares a lot of good stuff for this event.

This year there were about 11, 000 people at the festival.   And the proceeds go to help a number of local charities.  That's a really good thing.

I was still tired from the weekend. So after the conference, I went home which is located on an island next to the one where the conference was held.  I slept for 9 hours which was luxurious.  Today I feel much more rested. 

Tonight I'm going to a meeting and having dinner with a sponsee before the meeting.  We will continue our discussion on Step Four.  This step takes some time in Al-Anon.  He is working through the Step Four work book Blueprint for Progress. I can remember his fear when someone told him at a meeting that "It is too hard to write all that stuff down. These questions bring up things from the past that are just too painful." 

I assured him that it wasn't bad.  And that this inventory is for those of us who are entirely willing. The painful parts of the past are in our heads anyway, whether we write them down or not.  Writing out the answers to the questions is not meant to be a new Stephen King novel but will reveal those things which are already known to us.  This is a “fact-finding and fact-facing process.” (BB p64).

I found that this step helped me to unlock the memories that I wanted to forget.  By letting those old memories see the light of day, I saw that there was a new way to deal with things--without fear and without having to repeat the past.

In the book, Courage to Change there is a reference to Step 4 and self-esteem. Any resistance that I may have about this step (or any other) may be something that I need to examine.  I am thankful that my sponsees have been willing and courageous to move forward with this step.  It is not a novel that we are writing.  It is the truth about ourselves. 


  1. I wonder why some alcoholics can get through step 4 in one meeting, and AlAnons take weeks, sometimes months getting through Blueprint for Progress. I have done AA step 4worksheets, and they are not nearly as involved as BfP. It would make for an interesting post.

  2. Wow, that is a huge deal there, I didn't realize when you mentioned it in previous posts. I am so glad to hear of the recycling. Step four took me months to work through. I was so fortunate my sponsor worked with me in just the way I needed.

  3. step 4 does not get done in one meeting period. those who do that do not do themselves the justice they deserve in recovery and their serenity suffers and they are more likely to run the risk of relapse because of it. it took me weeks to go over my 4th step with my sponsor and it took me weeks to finish writing it. true change only comes after removing the denial blanket and really looking at old behaviors, what caused them and why we don't need to behave that way any more.

    BTW love the oyster shucking!! hate to eat them but it looks like a complete blast and i would be willing to try them there!! awesome pics thanks for sharing.

  4. I don't know which I need more: Serenity to accept, Courage to change or the blinkin' wisdom to know the bloody difference!!

  5. my initial reaction to change is ALWAYS resistance. until i let some time pass. then the change just kinda slides into my life and happens quite easily.

  6. Please tell me - what are those 'elephant ears' you are eating? I presume they aren't elephant ears?

  7. I have had elephant ears, but never eaten oysters. I still wish to have one. Next year, slip one in your flash drive and download? upload one for me and one for my kitteh!!!

  8. I am going to eat oysters there one day. I won't win any contests but who cares! Great pics and great post. Yep..that 4th is where honesty reaps the biggest rewards.


  9. I still love to see you eating oysters. You can still have mine.

    My 1st 4th step took about 4 months and 2 hours. My longest 4th took nearly a year. My best and most thorough 4th (to date) took a few weeks.

    They were all great when they were done and were useful in the process.

    Blessings and aloha...

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos. From that ho's face, I don't even think she likes oysters. What a waste. I love them.

  11. THE HOUSE FROM GONE WITH THE WIND! How cool is THAT? It looks like a great time. What the heck is an elephant ear? It looks good.

    Your sponsee is blessed to have someone like you in his life.

  12. Looks like a great time Syd..even if oysters are gross.


  13. What a rewarding experience to work the steps with a sponsee. Looks a little chilly in your neck of the woods.

  14. Beautiful pictures of a community coming together. Thanks for sharing your hands and your life.

  15. Step 4- I found out the facts about Scott, nothing more nothing less. I learned that I am not as bad as I thought I was and I am not as good as I thought I was.

  16. So many people balk at the 4th step. I have heard long-timers share they have never done one. I am grateful for the experience of having done three and the load it relieved me of by doing them.

  17. Ive been in the lowcountry for over 4 years now and still haven't been to an oyster roast. I have not acclimated fully to my surroundings yet.


    Still more to look forward to!

    I'm on step 5 for this year looking at another searching and fearless inventory... revealing, as it always is


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