Saturday, February 6, 2010

Simple things today

Chris over at Enchanted Oak offered a great "challenge".  For each one who posts a list, a poem, a paragraph about the simple things in life that you savor, her family will donate $2 to a medical clinic in Haiti, run by Heartline Ministries.  All you have to do is write something simple about things that are simple, include a link to her blog in your post and then leave a comment to tell her that you posted. 

So here are a few simple things that I am enjoying today:
  • Listening to the sound of rain on the deck of the boat.  
  • Hearing the gentle snoring of our dog as she sleeps soundly on her berth
  • Reading to each other from the Lois Wilson Story
  • The highly varnished sheen of the new binocular box that is mounted on the bulkhead of the boat
  • A simple omelet cooked on a camp stove and a first cup of coffee.  It tastes so good!
What are your simple things for this day?  Remember that the simple things can have a big impact in so many ways.  Thanks Chris for your generosity to help those in desperate need of even the most simple things.


  1. awsome little project isn't it? I just finished my list... great list yourself there Syd!

  2. Oh, I'm there, Syd! You drew a perfect word picture for me. I'm so glad you're enjoying your rainy day. I can here the light rain on my sunroom roof as I type this here in California. Lovely. Thank you for helping me spend money on Haiti. I'm having a lot of fun visiting new people and old friends. That photo of your dog is a winner.
    Fondly, Chris

  3. Mine's up...I love yours..they are so simple and peaceful. I hope your weekend is like that too!


  4. Coffee on a boat in the morning, reading Lois with your love. Sounds like heaven.

  5. Why do golden retrievers always look so happy?!?

  6. dropping over from chris' wonderful and omelet over a camp stove sounds wondeful!

  7. The sound of rain is so relaxing, isn't it? And reading to each other from the Lois Wilson story while listening to the rain. Even better.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Aww love the pic of the dog and its a wonderful list.

  9. An omelet cooked on a camp stove. Interesting. Sounds like the beginning of a roadside restaurant.

  10. I have to order that darn Lois Wilson Story! But I really can't see my husband reading it to me...LOL

  11. I really like the picture.
    So loving and cute.
    Love your list.
    Stay blessed.

  12. Great list, beautiful pic of your dog sleeping and I am sure quietly snoring. Thank you.
    xo G

  13. Ahhh...your list left me grinning from ear to ear.

  14. Taking some lunch to work with me.


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