Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seven things

I forgot until today that I was supposed to list seven things about me last week.  It was one of the blog memes that has been going around.  I know that I have done this before; but because I am not feeling particularly original today, I am posting a few more things about me on this day:

1. My father was my driving instructor.  He taught me how to parallel park with exactitude.  I have amazed people by my ability to slip into a tight space (watch where your mind is going, okay?).

2. I am currently not eating any meat.  So that has put a severe cramp in my cooking style.  I wrote before  that I could subsist on soup, pizza, and chicken wings.  Now I'm subsisting on rice, vegetables, beans, and pizza.  I did this once before for 8 years. I have declared myself a pisco-ovo-lacto vegetarian.

3. I would rather not be at central stage so hearing in Al-Anon that I need to keep the focus on myself made me feel odd.  It seemed too selfish at the time.  Now I'm appreciating that keeping the focus on me means that I'm not obsessing over others and what they are doing.  I am simply minding my own business.

4. I have been feeling really good lately.  I don't have a lot of angst over anything in particular.  My blogging seems to suffer when I don't feel bad.  I feel like a free spirit who doesn't want to be tied down. I also wish that a lot of those who used to blog so regularly when I started would come back.  I miss hearing about their lives and their thoughts on recovery.  

5. I generally go to 3 Al-Anon meetings a week.  I like the diversity in the groups.  Last night was a good time as we randomly chose a defect and an asset; then we talked about each.  There were a lot of laughs. I remember thinking that laughing about alcoholism seemed impossible.  Now there is laughter at every meeting.

6. I grew up on Chesapeake Bay learning how to fish and crab.  My father taught me a lot about the water.  He was an officer on a passenger ship that sailed from New York to Brazil.  My uncle was the captain.  I have some great photos from those crazy Neptune parties when everyone got drunk and smeared themselves with rotten eggs.

7. I would like to fulfill a dream of doing a trans-Atlantic sail.  I am looking at some serious blue water boats.  I don't know if my partner wants to do this with me.  And I have a hard time imagining being on a long voyage with people I don't know very well. 

Hope that you are having a good day.  It is supposed to be 70 F here today.  It is delightful weather.


  1. You sound content, and that's a lovely place to be. Laughter, remembering and planning are all great things. Enjoy!

  2. Your "seven" beats the hell out of a lot of topics, because you COVERED a lot of topics. From Alanon to a regular Brazilian Ocean trip, to sailing the ocean blue in a "my boat is so small" sort of manner.

    Such a well-written blog, Syd, makes the trip to Blog Country, TOTALLY worth it.


  3. After reading about your family no wonder the water is so in your blood.

    A trans-Atlantic sail? Wow, what an amazing journey that would be. You would NEVER be at a loss for blogging material.


  4. It is 71 F here right now. It is a beautiful day. My hubby's dad was a teacher/coach/driving instructor. So consequently hubby learned driving and parking like you do. I think hubby would like to eat like you describe here, and he can, I want meat some of the time though. It isn't a problem, we can still eat together just not eat the same thing. My kids and I lived a block from Chesapeake Bay in VA and it was a beautiful area. Have you ever shown some of the pics you have of the ship your father and uncle worked? I hope your dream comes true for you.

  5. I like these lists...thank you for sharing.
    Funny I'm not eating meat or dairy at the moment...just for a while.
    I'm glad you've been feeling good lately, funny how so many of us feel the need to write when we feel bad.

  6. Thanks for that stuff, Syd.
    I'm an excellent parallel parker as well.

  7. I declare you a

    "pisco-ovo-lacto-recovero-12step-o vegetarian.

    Your good people, Syd. :)

  8. I like getting to know you a little better through your lists. If you care, item #5 has a typo.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Blessings and aloha...

  9. parallel park??? what's that, heee hee heeeee. i've been told i don't park, but abandon my vehicle...

    stay feeling good dear syd!

  10. As a child, I vacationed with my Nana several weekends a year at Chesapeake Bay.... I even got to see the Chincoteague pony swim one year... Such happy memories!

    The trans-Atlantic sail sounds awesome...

    I'm glad you've been feeling good lately! Wishing you a great rest of-the-week!

  11. One of the things I love about my husband is his great parallel parking abilities, he is a wiz in San Francisco. Thanks for sharing Syd, you seem happy and very comfortable in your own skin.

  12. I love that dream of the trans-Atlantic sail. We all need bog dreams to live by.

  13. I love posts like this- such a fun way to learn more about people. You sound like you are in a good place right now and that is wonderful to hear.

  14. I hope you can make that sail!! It would be awesome! Rotten eggs ...ewwww! I attempt parallel parking now and then and occasionally can make it :)

  15. I love and hate the water. I love to sail. But get a rolling sea and I'm hanging over the edge.


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