Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Thursday question

I feel like this needs to be Friday.  I am really tired.  Once again, I have had too many late nights--mostly due to meetings, although last night was a dinner out and some lively conversation instead of rowing.  Tonight I am taking my wife out to a nice place downtown for a pre-birthday dinner.  Her natal day is Sunday so we will have dinner with her parents that evening.  But tonight is our dinner together at a special restaurant.  Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake through the main course!

I had a good conversation this morning with my sponsor who stays busy in his retirement.  I seem to never stop and was complaining that in retirement one can decide when (or whether) to get up, shower, and leave the house.  But when my alarm rings at 5: 15 AM, I can hit the snooze button a couple of times, after which I'd better get up and get going. The work world calls!

And then there is the time spent on recovery "work". I think that in truth my recovery work takes a lot of time.  I spend 5 hours a week minimum with sponsees, another 3-4 hours a week in meetings, not counting the driving time to and from.  But I consider that this time is the most well spent of my week.  What I'm thinking about are the time sinks that add up during a week.  It’s that sucking sound I hear--of the sands of time, the ticking clock, and the blurting alarm in the morning.  So here's the question:

What was this week’s biggest time sink for you?

For me, it has to be reading and commenting on blogs.  Even with speed reading, it still takes several hours a week to get through the blogs that I like to read and make comments. Even if someone doesn't comment on mine, I like to read theirs. But it definitely takes time.  Oh, and sleeping is another time sink-- but a necessary one!


  1. house, grocery shopping.
    I hope you have a lovely pre birthday dinner!
    Syd, did you see the wonderful story yesterday about the NYC police and fire dept who rescued the stuck baby seal in the harbor yesterday? Poor thing was sooooo cute!

  2. Hi Syd - - -

    LOved today's blog! I guess I never gave much thought to - as I grow older - my main social life centers around doctor's offices - and I also do hate to re-read magazines and old newspapers. Soooo, over the past couple of years, while waiting my turn, I have turned to knitting. This keeps me tranquil, passes the time (as you call it - 'sink' time), and keeps me from dozing off inappropriately. I know - handicrafts are not for everyone - - - but I get writer's cramps when I start writing in my journal - and I prefer a very private space for that anyway. My knitting has brought me good bit of comfort,and I ever know for whom I am creating whatever- -I simply wait and give it away most of the time. Oh yes, it helps me relax to get some sleep at night, also. Shucks, this is a boring comment - - - but thanks for giving me this time.
    Hugs,Anonymous #1

  3. I too spend a lot of time reading and commenting on blogs. Plus writing on mine and for The Partnership. I can't really consider this a big change. I was always an reader. Never much on fiction but I have since substituted books for blogs and my own writing.

    Time sink, has to be TV. As long as I can keep going and I don't take that familiar spot on the couch, I'm OK.

    Reading, writing, my beautiful bride, in the shop and a grandbaby. How do I even have time to go to work?

  4. I read alot of blogs every day and try to comment when I am inspired to respond. I spend too much time on the computer. I actually am going to apply for a part-time no-brainer job just to get out a bit and get some pocket money. I love computers and my classes but I think I need to socialize with some adults and work now. I haven't worked in 2 years and it is showing. Good question.


  5. Syd, I spend a lot more time reading blogs than I do commenting or writing them. I feel guilty about that sometimes. You are so dedicated to both. I do appreciate the fact that with all you do, you take the time to read and comment. Hope you enjoyed your dinner and were able to stay awake....

  6. it is tough to get around to read all the peeps I like to read. I tend to be a "commenter," perhaps because I like people to comment on mine? I dunno. But yes, it can be a time sucker-upper

  7. I spend 3-5 hours each day at Lambda - the recovery center where I go to meetings. My time on the computer is probably 2-3 hours each day, but spread out in a number of sessions.

    Damn,I LOVE being retired! LOL

  8. Syd - this is the easy one. My biggest time sink is fear. At least that's what's at the root cause of ALL of many other avoidance behaviors.

    If I simply move to "what's next" on my LONG list of things where I can contribute somewhere in my life, everything else falls into balance. I don't, because I'm afraid (make up a story, it's probably at least occasionally true) and that's what I consider wasted time.

    Blessings and aloha and happy celebrating...

  9. I'm with Marcia. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I look forward to our get-togethers in passing. Although we're in different programs, I learn from your recovery.
    My biggest sink is blogging. I'm an avid reader and up until I started blogging I read novels, usually murder and mayhem every night for hours. For years I have done this. But I have trouble sitting still with a book these days, and I'd rather read what other people like me are writing. It's an interesting connection.

  10. This week's biggest time sink is the same as last week's and the week before that - recovery activities.

    I'm counting here meeting with sponsees, talking with them on the phone, and going to meetings. I spend a great deal of time giving back what AA and Al-Anon have given me.

    Oh - and I love every minute of it.


  11. I spend a lot of time on things I would consider investments - like time with sponsees, time in meetings, etc.

    The time I spend in front of this computer is probably a waste and avoidance of other things.

  12. I read books and actually sit at the kitchen table and watch the animals the travel through the back yard. The past week has been busier than usual. Hubby finished his work on his CD and we had lots of business stuff to take care of for that. His music is being made onto CD's now. So I want to have some time with him and do some museum visiting.

  13. I've been struggling with my technology a bit lately. It can really be frustrating when my computer gremlins decide to come out and play.

  14. I haven't had time this week to comment on many blogs even though I read posts a number of times. That makes me feel I am letting a conversation drop, not taking time to reflect and reply.

    I've spent a huge amount of time nursing my housemate and doing housework, taking dogs to vets -- a week when I seem robbed of recovery activities.

    Next week should be better.

  15. My biggest time sink is my biggest time spent wisely, recovery work.
    Love all the work keeps me living in serenity most of the time...

  16. My biggest time sink is my job. It really gets in the way of things I want to do.

  17. I totally understand about sleep. But I find now I don't have an 8 to 5, I still get up early in the morning. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Have a great Friday and weekend. I hope you stayed away through dinner.

  18. A big time sink for me is waiting in lines, whether it be in a line of cars or on my feet at a store. I hate lines.

    Have a good weekend.

  19. The computer, and recovery blogs, for sure, I'm always amazed at the time that slips away doing this, and like you, I can speed read.

  20. blogging is a big chunk, drumming is beginning to get bigger, fetching and taking the bean around is another... sleep is my escape and i'll never give that up! happy pre-birthday to your wife, enjoy your dinner!


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