Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Friday

I'm in bullet mode today.  So here they are:
  •  I stayed awake all through dinner. Somehow I was revived by the good food.  Here's a rundown on the meal: grilled calimari with shaved parmigiano Reggiano and grilled Bruschetta; local vine ripe beefsteak tomato, mozzarella and sliced Prosciutto di Parma with a balsamic drizzle and herb infused olive oil; veal parmigiana with spagattini in marinara;  lasagna layered with grilled vegetables and butternut squash. I am thankful for the $25 coupon from  It paid for the appetizer. 
  • My wife enjoyed the meal and the ambiance--an historic house downtown with candles, heart pine floors, crisp white napkins and table cloth, impeccable service, and blues music playing. 
  • I checked and I didn't leave my arm in the trunk of Steve's car.  WTF was that about? Steve, man, you got the wrong guy.
  • A fellow who had some problems got fired from work. He wasn't doing his work so was let go. At the department head meeting this morning, people clapped because he was fired. I didn't. I don't like to clap for another's misery. 
  • I wonder why Sandra Bullock married a man named Jesse James. Seems like bad karma to me. 
  • I put together some information on cooperation between Al-Anon and AA for the district meeting tomorrow.  It told me that there is a line between the fellowships when it comes to being a trusted servant above the group level. 
  • I will do the certification to be an Alateen sponsor tomorrow.  Where God takes it from there is not known to me today.  
  • I'm doing some boat maintenance tomorrow.  It's supposed to be 74 here. I can be spoiled by that. 
  • C. opened her birthday gifts this morning.  I made her a card.  It just seems more personal that way. She also got a card from the dogs and cats.
Enjoy your Friday.


  1. Sorry about that--Sid was all I could think of to rhyme with trunk lid--grin!

    Glad I didn't have to make a rhyme that only the words "Prayer Girl" would fit,,,then I'd be in REAL trouble.

    NOTE, at my "cookie" Thurs speaker meetings, on night a month we invite an Alanon to speak for half hour. They are usually BETTER than the AA speakers, for "living life on life's terms"...just sayin'


  2. I will check out
    Your dinner sounds great. Happy Birthday to C. We do hand made cards to each other too. It means more for some reason.

  3. Heart Pine floors?, you must have a woodworking interest.

    All always notice the type of wood used in the construction. But that's my hobby, I notice the wood used and can imagine the smell when the craftsman cut that board.

  4. Your dinner sounded wonderful... and you're blessed to have each other! Have a great weekend!

  5. you've got talented dogs and cats?!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful evening and those are some big time talented pets. Have a great weekend!

  7. I love cards from the dog and cats. I also REALLY LOVE calimari. Now, I am hungry.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. That restaurant looks and sounds fantastic. What a perfect meal to celebrate your wife's birthday.

    This should be a glorious weekend here too. I can't remember a time when it has stayed cold this late in the season. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and high near the mid 70s. Can't wait. We'll both enjoy the wonderful weather.


  9. Sounds like a wonderful evening. You could be a spokesperson for the restaurant, your description of the food was decadent. Enjoy your nice weather, it's a whopping 40 degrees here!

  10. Yes! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the spring weather and each other and the work you do, whatever it may be.

  11. Dinner sounds magnificent.

  12. those are some wonderful bullets... good for you on the Alateen sponsorship deal! our youth need al the guidance they can get now a days!

  13. Hi Syd
    (dot) stop eating that calimari stuff it can't be good for you darlin'.
    (dot) YES..I remember the problem that group was having with AA guy serving in the Al Anon position and I'm glad to see that the lines are now clear.
    (dot)I like to throw my hat in many arenas and let God sort out the vote.

  14. I'm spoiled by the weather too, it's really becoming beautifully warm again, I did yard work and some planting yesterday. It's days like that that I wish I had a boat :) I love to see that you enjoy yours so much!

  15. I will have a nightmare about your dangling arm. :-D The dinner sounds just perfect and I am so excited about your Alateen work. Those kids (and you) will be blessed, I know it.


  16. Lovely set of bullets. Thank you for stepping up for Alateen. If there's a need for that program (others need to sort that out), it's in desperate need of folks who've truly had a spiritual awakening to mentor and guide those groups. Thank you again.

    Blessings and aloha...

  17. LOL at the 55 with your arm in the trunk :)

    Jesse J. and Sandra live in my area (about 25 miles not like down the street) and he was a big hot shot "celebrity" here but never known for having good morals. I was sad to see that he hasn't changed - what an @ss and feel bad for her. One time being a celebrity must really be difficult is when your personal business is in the news :(

  18. I love your bullet mode. Some of your thoughts really made me smile, like your curiosity about Sandra Bullock and your refusal to clap because some poor schmuck got fired. Here's what really made me smile though: your clear sense of vindication about the AlAnon and AA service issue. I know that feeling of "Aha! I was right!"

  19. I'm glad ya'll had a nice dinner. I agree, never be happy for someone else's heartache.


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