Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wind and Waves

We had a good sail to the anchorage. The wind was from the west at 20 mph. So we sailed on a beam to broad reach, anchored and had a good dinner. Our food out here is nothing fancy. Last night we had soy burgers, brown gravy, mashed potatoes with minced onion and an Italian salad.

We read from Bernard Moitessier's sailing diary of his around the world adventure with his wife Francois. He is the French mystic who decided on a solo race to not return to the crowds and accolades in England. Instead he decided to leave the race and sail half way around the world again to Tahiti. I think that I understand his need to follow his heart and avoid civilization's expectations.

Early this morning we were awakened by the rocking and rolling of the boat. Rollers were coming in on the flood tide. We stayed awake as the boat heaved. The wing howled through the rigging and I had to bungee the halyard to a shroud to keep it from slapping.

After dropping off to sleep when the tide changed, we were rudely awakened by our faithful Labrador who was heaving up pieces of undigested chew from her after dinner treat. Those "urca gurkas" bring me instantly awake. After cleaning things up and washing up her blanket over the side, we then went about the business of fixing breakfast.

We have hearty stomachs and weren't deterred by a bit of dog sickness. (Apologies to those of you eating now). So we fixed a cheese omelet, had yogurt and toast, orange juice and coffee. After some reading, we will row to shore, build a fire, and relax on the beach.

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I do feel whole and happy today. I'm not in a pitying mood, not thinking about the future but enjoying the day. Even our dog is happy to have had her breakfast. She was napping in the cockpit, dreaming of chasing ghost crabs and checking her "pee-mail" on the beach.


  1. Nice post! I am glad you had such a great day.

  2. I can't believe so so egregiously broke that puppy's anonymity on your web site.


    Blessings and aloha...

  3. Sounds like a bit of Heaven on Earth...well, except for the dog throw up;)

  4. Great fun & post today Syd. I thought you were having shrimp & grits for breakfast when I first looked at the contents of that pan...omelet is still yummy, but oh some good 'ol low country grits are too.

    Love the pic of the sweet.

    Happy Sailing!

  5. Glad things are going well for you both and the dog.

  6. your day sounds absolutely divine. glad to hear it! (and your puppy is soooo cute)

  7. Nothing nicer than pee-mail!

    Sailing and beachcombing, such great ways to recharge your energies.

  8. I read about the dog barf then happened to look at the picture. Omelette's can look a lot like dog barf. I wasn't eating. :-D

    You day sounds like an echo from heaven. I love it when you post about you and your wife's trips in the boat. I can almost imagine I'm there. Pet the puppy..poor thing.


  9. I think those of us who are close to our animals, don't mind the occasional clean-up. The beauty of their spirits far outweighs the burden. Sounds like a perfect sailing venture. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Pee-mail made me laugh. What a cute dog!

    I get sick on sail boats, too. Strangely, I found through trial and error that bean dip settles my stomach. Odd huh? Don't know why but it works everytime.


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