Saturday, April 3, 2010

Guess who's for dinner?

The crabbers were out early this morning working their pots. There was a pot just off my stern. When they came by to fish it, I asked them to sell me a half dozen Jimmy (male) crabs. I also saw some stone crab claws in the boat and bought a pound of those.

We are going to have a good lunch of fresh seafood. It is befitting this beautiful day of bright sunshine, warm temperatures, and low winds. After breakfast we are going for a long walk on the beach. There should be plenty of shark's teeth.

I'll leave you with a joke for my blogger friends from Texas, California and Colorado:
Three guys go into a bar: a guy from Dallas, a guy from San Francisco, and a guy from Boulder. They drank and got a little rowdy. Suddenly, completely without warning, the Texan grabbed a bottle of tequila, unscrewed the top, took a good swig, and threw the bottle into the air. He then jerked a Colt .45 pistol out of his pocket and shot the bottle, spraying tequila all over everything and everybody.

The patrons at the bar shouted, "Hey, bud, why'd you waste that tequila?"

The Texan said, "Heck, it's just tequila. Us Texans go across the border all the time and get all the tequila we want."

Not to be outdone, the Californian whipped out a corkscrew and uncorked a bottle of wine. He poured some into a glass, swirled it, sniffed, commented on the tart insolence of its bouquet, sipped, tossed the bottle in the air, nicked it with a round from a silly little chrome-plated pistol, and showered a couple of patrons at the bar with wine.

The patrons, upset by the casual waste and general lack of concern for their safety, expressed their displeasure and astonishment, to which the Californian replied, "Well, I'm from Napa Valley, and we have more than enough wine where I come from."

The Boulderite, a quiet observer up to this point, touched the crystal hanging from his neck, adjusted his Birkenstocks, flipped back his ponytail, put down his guitar, and borrowed a bottle opener from the bartender. He popped the top off a bottle of Fat Tire beer, hammered it back, threw the empty bottle into the air, pulled a 9mm Beretta, took careful aim, shot both the Californian and the Texan, and caught the falling bottle.

The patrons screamed in utter disbelief, "Why'd you do that?"

The Boulderite replied, "I'm from Colorado. We've already got too many Texans and way too many Californians, but glass bottles, now those can be recycled!"


  1. I envy your delicious lunch you will be enjoying today!! Hope your whole weekend is warm, inside and out!
    Happy Easter.

  2. LOL!

    (If the person in the joke was from Southern California they would be anti-gun and drinking a mirco-brew!)

  3. Yah got us nailed - how could you have known?

    Blessings and aloha...

  4. Yep, the lunch id the thing here!

    Also the wastefulness of alcohol--shooting those full bottles--would have

    Made tears flow
    Many years ago
    From this sot--
    Long-time not!

  5. Ha! Good one!

    (and I want some of those crabs. Mmm, mmm...)

  6. Yum - I love crab and walking on the beach! Hope you have a nice day!

  7. Great joke...absolutely laughing outloud!!!

    Thank you!
    Happy Saturday.

  8. Syd, that truly made me laugh out loud.

  9. Great joke, Syd. And the crabs look terrific. Damn, I miss fresh seafood.



  10. Your lunch sounds SO good! And I loved your joke!! *grin*


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