Saturday, April 24, 2010


The 60 7th graders that I gave the barrier island tour to were great. They were interested, well mannered, and appreciative. The young man above was proud of his finds and brought them back so we could discuss some biology if horseshoe crabs and sponges. It's an inspiration to instruct those who are willing to learn.

The same could be said for being in recovery. It's a joy to work with those who are willing. They are honest, put the time in, and appreciate all that is offered. They absorb recovery as if their life depended on it.

The others who are running on self will either get it eventually or they quit. Some won't get honest, preferring to hide their resentments and fear. They continue to lie and be a counterfeit person. The thing is, they fool no one.

I am glad to have trusted the process, my sponsor, and my Higher Power. I still have moments of self doubt but have learned that is not a terrible thing. It is much easier than ever to get back on track. I have a lot of enthusiasm for the miracle that allows me to be happy today.


  1. How nice that the tour was rewarding for you and for the young people. Nice photo. I like when you speak of the people in recovery who are not working the steps, "they fool no one".

  2. yay for enthusiasm and willingness!

  3. "They continue to lie and be a counterfeit person."

    Tough words. I like 'em.
    Seize the weekend!

  4. My addict boyfriend said similar words to me the other day about people who go into AA or Al-Anon and talk the talk, but never walk the walk. I feel also that even though we may see those who do this this clearly for what they are, we also must let them be who they are, even if it is a counterfeit. It is never our place to judge them. Who knows, even we who strive to live the steps daily may unfortunately slip into that charade from time to time. Hopefully, if that happens, we can soon return to that higher path.

  5. Thank you for your service.

    Part of the problem is lack of curiosity, manners and enthusiasm. Another part is lack of leaders and teachers for those who are willing and able to be inspired.

    You teach me as you teach them. Thank you.

    Blessings and aloha...

  6. wonderful experience and the reflection ... well it's true. Sooner or later you find that you have to move into the principle direction or die trying to stay away.

  7. How beautiful it is to share the things we love with people who are willing to listen. I'm feeling like the love of nature you gave to the children will benefit all of us who live on this earth. Thank you for sharing your gift, and for sharing your gift of recovery also. I admire your sense of truth.

  8. How fun!!! I knew they would have fun (and you!).
    You know, yesterday I *finished writing out my 4th step... can I tell you, I've been so happy last night, tonight, I mean happy, and I KNOW this is a feeling :) I have no idea how it happened, 4th step started so hard (started by doing practically NOTHING on it for 2 months). But I got it out and... wow... Anyway, your post just reminded me of exactly this - getting it out with honesty and putting in the time to do it.
    The * is b/c I'm going to hold onto it another week or two in case I think of anything else! lol
    God bless.

  9. Great post. Yet, at times I was one of those talking, but not walking, and in my head I was being honest! Sometimes I think we may deceive ourselves the easiest.

    Love the horseshoe crabs! took a college course and learned all about them, and how important they are! You may know Professor Buckely from Harvard.

  10. It seems like a Sunday of being taught about gratitude Syd, Mrs Moon also gave me a lesson too. Thank you for yours.

  11. I love working with kids, teaching the willing and reaching the unwilling. Good for you Syd that you've found this so rewarding!

  12. Hear hear :)
    I have no patience at ALL at the moment for the ones that are full of resentment and want to make me the bad guy. I have half a mind to ignore the really angry ones altogether and just concentrate on the ones that are not consumed with anger as I am getting !! very fed up with the flak I get when I try to suggest they just ! might have a ! slightly negative attitude.. Their blame and dramas are getting very wearing..


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