Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pictures, Pollen and Service = Muchness

I want to go out and play today.  I simply don't want to be sitting at a desk behind a computer and going through file after file that will be put on the server as a cache of my work here.  Instead I want to go to the beach, flop down and wiggle my bare feet in the sand.

I took a few photos this morning of plants and trees leafing out.  The pollen has almost finished the annual ritual.  Reproduction has literally been in the air here for weeks.  Pollen contains the sperm cells that are floating to land on the pistil or female part of plants. No wonder the saying is that "love is in the air".

Tonight I will be out on the water rowing.  It will be a small crew tonight, but the weather looks to be fantastic for a good row with enough wind to keep the gnats away.  This is Race Week so there will be many sleek racers around with bright spinnakers aloft.  I am also going to look at a 36 ft. Cape Dory tonight as I begin my search for a suitable long-range cruising boat.  This fills me with some trepidation since I am unsure what C. will think about sailing the coast for a month or so.  It feels like an adventure to me but I won't make the decision unilaterally.

Last night we had a group conscience meeting about the "step study".  It was an informative meeting.  I am volunteering to help finish up the book Paths to Recovery that discusses the steps, traditions and concepts.  I posted on the steps and traditions before but have not studied the concepts.  I realize that they are important in guiding service that we do in Al-Anon but like the steps and traditions, are valuable in relationships with others.  This will be a challenging and exciting opportunity to understand the concepts and apply them in my life. As always I will rely upon my sponsor, readings, and my friends here and in the fellowship to make suggestions about the 12 concepts of service.  

I hope that you are enjoying your day.  I am filled with a lot of "muchness" today.  I may lose it tomorrow but today I'm plum filled up.

You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness. The Mad Hatter


  1. I love the pictures. I want to go to the beach too, but in Wisconsin we have lakes and they just don't have the grandness of the ocean. I recently saw "Alice in Wonderland" with my two youngest. My favorite character was the Mad Hatter and the "muchiness" comment is so true. It sounds like you are on the right course, traveling where you should be.

  2. I love the concept of muchness and I'm so glad you brought it up here. I know you already read my post on it, but here's the link in case you or your readers want to check it out:

  3. I swear, maybe it's in the air (and I'm not speaking of pollen although that definitely is) but I am just so damn CONTENT right now that I could just melt.
    I get you. So much muchness to be filled with.

  4. dude-we are all right there on the beach-beside you-wiggling our toes in the sand today - even if it is only imaginary! love the pics ;)

  5. Hubby and I went to lunch which in itself is a treat because we don't go out much. We had to go the post office to rent a box for the CD he just finished and we have a box of CD's here now. So that was fun and we went to lunch. At lunch we discussed our recovery programs. Hubby is thinking of discontinuing with his sponsor and will look for a sponsor to work with him online. I told him about you and told him he should find some like you! Ha. I was not trying to be controlling but I did slip in some unsolicited advice! A 36' will give you both some more room and a little larger galley. You will have so much fun on a month trip together.

  6. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing with us!! Glad you are filled up today.

  7. I also loved the pictures and the concept of "muchiness"! Have a love-filled week!

  8. Until several years ago, I did not know a concept, from a contracept. Suddenly at this late-stage curtain call, I find at each monthly meeting of our District GSR's, we get around to discussing The Twelve Concepts of World Services, starting with One.

    The profound importance of these Concepts became known to me this past year...and so I am learning.

    Thanks, Syd! (A favorite topic.)

  9. Sailing the coast for a month! What serenity! My father was a boater, he spent so much time out on the ocean. Love hearing that you would be rowing, the weather here tonight is perfect for such an activity! Hope it was fun.

  10. At present I seem to have misplaced my muchness, but I'm still looking. :)

    Hope your row was as good as you anticipated.


  11. Well it won't be too long till your days are ALL YOURS and you can wiggle your toes and play on the beach and in the ocean all you want!!!

  12. I love the mad hatter quote!

    It's good to be be filled and overflowing with muchness!

  13. Good luck with C. on the boat buying issue. Sounds pretty great to me, Syd. I am happy for you.



  14. I only wish for you more muchness. All the happy muchness you desire.

    Blessings and aloha.


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