Monday, May 31, 2010

Give me cover

Give Me Cover--Memorial Day 2010

Give me cover I think
as the Carolina sun
beats down on me, burning
my bare shoulders and arms.
I am rewarded with
a happy yellow canopy
to shade me from the heat.

Give me cover shouts
the young child who runs from
the belt as it descends to hit
his bottom again and again.
He is rewarded with a curse
and a scowl that would last
through a lifetime of pain.

Give me cover cries the mother
who desperately wants to trust
and believe in her child who
has had so many chances.
She is rewarded with blank
stares and empty promises
as he pushes the needle in.

Give me cover pleads
the husband who sees no end
to his heart ache and worry.
He is rewarded with a chance
to find his own peace and live
a happy life by the grace of
a power that he cannot see.

Give me cover screams the
young man who is pinned down
by bullets and mortar fire.
He says a silent prayer and
is rewarded with a shot that
pierces his heart and leaves his
dead eyes staring at nothing.

Give me cover cries his mother
who opens the door to see
somber faces telling her that
her boy is dead and gone.
She is rewarded with a bronze
star, a purple heart, and
memories of his smiling face.

(This was written for those who suffer the internal wars, the drug war, the war against self. And especially for those who fight wars not of their choosing.

In memory of Capt. Harry L. Sadler who was killed in action in France. I never knew you but heard that you were a hell of a nice fellow.)


  1. a fine tribute many battles we never know, hidden under cover, until the soldier can fight no more...

  2. Syd,this is a great Memorial Day posting.Thank you for sharing it.

  3. War within and war without. It seems to have no end.

  4. Syd,

    all i can say is 'yes' and 'thank you for sharing.'


  5. Yes, you are a writer. This is a true Memorial to our personal wars.

  6. I celebrated today by going to an AA softball game. Black, white, old, young, long and short sobriety and lots of family members there to support their recovering ones. It was wonderful and I remember so many of them coming in and saying, in their own ways, "give me cover".
    Thanks Syd.

  7. What a great ode to all those loved ones lost....

  8. thanks many battles
    Glad I get to experience another way of living

  9. Wow Syd, you somehow always know how to make me speechless (I guess wordless via blog). Thanks for this beautiful piece.

  10. thanks for fetching me up, this morning and helping me be aware...

  11. Beautiful Syd. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. "...rewarded with a bronze star....
    Some reward, a mother's heart cannot accept the cold hard medal in place of her son.

  13. scarily real language syd. spoken from the heart. thanks for sharing this :)

  14. Excellent. We always forget the inner wars that people fight, sometimes they are the hardest.

  15. This is so moving! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


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