Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday morning

The sky is filled with puffy cumulus clouds this morning.

It is hot and still. I got up early to row the old girl to shore for her bathroom break. She is the best thing. Sweet with everyone, patient, and happy to be anywhere I am. All she wants is an ear scratching and her chance to go wade in the water. She is another heart dog, daughter to the one we lost in November.

Breakfast consisted of bacon, vegetarian sausage, an egg, and some curried couscous that we had with blackened tuna last night. It made for an exotic breakfast. I don't eat bacon but C. and the old dog like it once in a while. I do eat eggs and fish but have sworn off meat. We generally have two meals a day out here and that suffices.

I talked to a colleague about the Deep Horizon spill. He said that the oil has taken on a sausage shape where it has collasced near the Loop Current. It is many miles long and as deep as 300 meters. Attempting to get a sample from the huge blob was difficult.

It appears that we don't know the information about the extent of the spill. Why is that information not being given to the public? There are several models that predict it will go up the East coast. I am hoping that won't occur. It would be a mess to have that huge blob of oil cover the corals in the Keys and then get entrained in the Gulf Stream.

I am reminded once again that there are many things beyond my control. I can do what I can should help be needed, but meanwhile there is much to enjoy today. Trouble may come but I won't look for it right now. I like that my father told me not to borrow trouble. Those are wise words.


  1. that is some great wisdom. i too hope it does not continue to move that direction. but today there is nothing i can do but that. enjoy your day syd.

  2. "Trouble may come but I won't look for it right now." That is solid advice. I used to look for trouble without even knowing it...I found out the hard way that I am not a P.I., nor do I ever want to be!

    Enjoy your Sunday, Syd, and I hope your doggie does, too! :)


  3. Excellent advice from Dad.

  4. I did some curried potatoes and hubby liked them after telling me he does not care for curry. I told him I would try the potatoes and see if maybe someone put too much curry in something and it left a lasting bad impression. Glad he likes it now. We are reading everything we can about the oil leak and the changes each day. Enjoy your weekend on the boat.

  5. I have resolved myself to accept that in light of the spill, all I can do is pray. My dear friends on the Gulf; I am sad for them. When reading the news of the possibility of movement to the east coast, my heart...just sank, but I know, somehow, something greater can manage all of this - if we will just listen.

  6. Yes, not to borrow trouble is good advice.

    The Deep Horizon incident is something that I hope a lesson is learned from and the effects aren't too disastrous.

  7. What a great day! I like your love for your environment, your dog, a good meal, and hopes for the future without adding turmoil that hasn't happened yet. Good message.

  8. this post reminded me of letting go...just letting go b/c so many things are out of our control. Glad you got to relax a bit.

  9. Thats very interesting that the info is being withheld. Didnt know that. I knew you would have an interesting perspective on the spill.

    the point where activism and 'spirituality' merge is a very interesting one also.
    we seem to be living in a time where the religious institutions 'wrong' holding of power is being held to account by those not owning the power. eg Sexual abuse, sexual discrimination. The dalaia lama speaks of how female leadership is required because a more compassionate response is needed.
    So yes, lots of top down and lop sided male power structures are being questioned, and this is a good thing.
    It would be nice if this kind of awakening in the religious institutions were to become more global and people asked for companies to be held to account for their abuses, instead of bailing them out. Plus had less top down, male dominated leadership structures.

    Its definitely an interesting period. Something is shifting. My heart breaks for the loss of life that spill has brought about.

    And your doggie is LOVELY. thanks for sharing :)

  10. what a nifty way of life, on the boat and all...

    I don't even know where to begin or what to think about that oil spill. I only pray for a solution and for the folks working on it.

  11. I totally agree with yesterday's post that you need to take up photography. I could frame that pic of you rowing. Have a great week...I would also love to hear your professional opinion of the oil spill and the effects we can expect.


  12. Kinda cool that its bringing to light those who are seeking to be of service, did you see what Kevin Costner is attempting? What an amazing world this is where seeming disaster can create such amazing works of help, love and bring such creativity to light as people are moved to action.

  13. I always wondered how the doggy did her business while on the boat. I love the pic of you rowing her to shore.
    I had no idea that the spill was deep as well as long. Weird thing gas prices continue to drop everyday where I live.
    I can understand your not wanting to borrow trouble especially over things that you are powerless over. Considering your line of work and expertise, I think we automatically look to you for answers where the Deep Horizon spill is concerned.

  14. Your breakfast looks wonderful, and also, I am hungry right now.

    Love you.

  15. Syd... I also like the picture of you rowing the boat. One of my AlAnon sponsor's favorite metaphors has always been to "just row the boat." Following the discussion of step 3 in the AlAnon 12 & 12 there's a parable told about how our lives are like crossing a river to our kids on the opposite shore, with blankets and food in the boat. We can't ask God to "save" our children when we have everything we need to save them--we just need to do the footwork to get over to the other side.

    Part of what the story doesn't discuss is the fear of the river's danger. What happens if I can't get across? ... My job today is just to row. I can't control the water level, the currents, the pH.

    That breakfast looked GREAT! --G

  16. I don't always comment on your blog due to being short on time, but almost always you leave me with a smile on my face and feeling strengthened with your words of wisdom, and I thank you for this.

    I have highly recommended your blog to a few friends.


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