Monday, June 14, 2010

A morning at the beach

Yesterday morning, I took my old Labrador and went over to a memorial service for K.'s freinds and their dogs at the beach.  It was a nice tribute with all of us standing in a circle to say a few words about K. and what she meant to each of us.  The dogs milled about our legs and my old girl sat down in the center of the circle. 

Here are some photos to catch the flavor of the event.  There was a little breeze and having it early in the morning allowed the dogs to run free for a while.  After the service we went to breakfast which was good.

The path out to the beach

Flowers along the way

Running and having fun

My old heart dog in the center of the circle

Expressing love all who remember K.

 So far today, I have done the watering of several flower beds and picked some vegetables. I also loaded up three dogs and took them to doggy park. They had a good time there. Tonight is my home group meeting.  I will go to that and have a sponsee meeting before hand. 

I've talked to C. several times yesterday and today.  She is enjoying the beach, cooking seafood, and doing some touring around.  She said that the weather is delightful.  It is still hot and humid here. But I am grateful for AC that manages to cool me down between doing chores outside. 

Hope that your Monday is going well. I'm enjoying this life without a work schedule.  The harness has finally slipped off my shoulders and I seem to be wearing the loose garment of retirement well.


  1. Thanks Syd for your post. I feel so fortunate to have the Alanon group and HP to guide me through my life.
    One Day at a Time

  2. Welcome to the "loose garment club" and thanks for taking us to the beach.


  3. Those same wildflowers were blooming on Dog Island this past weekend.
    Enjoy your week and yes, drink plenty of water and take AC breaks.

  4. Thanks for the always helps me to have a visual. I envy your life without a work schedule, and am glad C is enjoying her vacation. My life is on overload and I will get to go home to my three children and a whole bunch of teenage extras....I'm hitting the gym first so I should be nice and relaxed by the time I walk in the door...maybe :)

  5. my fam took off this i have 5 days of waiting until their return. sure they will have fun.

    that is really cool about the dogs being it made for a special occassion...

  6. The service sounds lovely, as are the pictures. Glad retirement is agreeing with you.

  7. You sound very at peace, Syd. This is such a good thing. We've had so much drama in our lives. It's a relief.

  8. thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

  9. What a special and beautiful service. I am glad that the weather was good for it. Great photos and I love that your dog was in the center of the circle.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement! I can't wait until I can enjoy mine some day in the not so distant future.

  10. Sounds like it was worth waiting for

  11. Nice gesture for friends to gather and remember. It is so hard to fathom but it is what it is. Glad you get to talk to C often and that she is enjoying her time in a cooler area.

  12. Sounds like you are settling into a wonderful retirement.

  13. I love the beach and your pictures are beautiful. What a touching way to celebrate the love for a friend. Glad you are enjoying retirement!

  14. A lovely ceremony for closure.

    Enjoy your week --

  15. I'm just glad that though there is sorrow, there is a celebration of the life that still IS.

    We in dis-ease focus so much on the wrong... that we forget all the right that comes from it.

    God brings us together and bonds us through difficulties. Otherwise we seem to be so independent. We forget so easily that we are such an interconnected network ... a large body moving in rhythm, never alone never out of God's care. :)

    God help others suffering disease and separation to reconnect to the whole and Know that we are loved and cared for perfectly.

  16. Glad you are enjoying retirement, Syd. I wish I could retire. Laugh.

  17. happy dogs!! its good to be a "grass roller" sometimes :-0


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