Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Inside water, a waterwheel turns.
A star circles with the moon.
We live in the night ocean
wondering, What are these lights?
You have said what you are.
I am what I am.
Your actions in my head.  My head here in my hands,
with something circling inside.
I have no name for something that circles so perfectly.

Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks 

There is a kind of waterwheel churning out in the Gulf now.  This one happens to be named Alex and it's creating some havoc not only for the area that will be directly hit but for those who are trying desperately to help with the oil spewing forth.  I hope that it doesn't affect the travel of those trying to get to the International AA convention in San Antonio. 

It's hurricane season which to us here in the southern US means that we start paying attention when tropical waves start forming off Africa.  I don't like hurricane season.  I don't like the forecasts that this will be a bad year for hurricanes.  

Yet, there is nothing that I can do but be aware and make sure that I have all supplies needed in case one starts heading for this part of the coast.  That means that I make sure the generator is in good order and that I have enough fuel on hand. 

Thankfully, we haven't had a major hurricane since Hugo hit in 1989.   We stayed during Hugo and were lucky.  I would probably opt to stay again, but I don't think that C. would.  But with the increased population in this area, evacuation becomes highly problematic.  I heard horror stories of people who tried to evacuate before Floyd hit and were trapped for many hours on the highway during the storm.  I would rather be at this house with its bricks and mortar than in a van filled with dogs and cats sitting in the heat on the interstate.  

But I'm not worrying about what may happen.  I've taken action to prepare.  I am thankful that a storm isn't heading this way.  And I would rather that there wouldn't be one at all.  But having the last 20 days with temperatures above 90 F indicates something unusual is going on.  Luckily, things are supposed to cool down to the upper 80's for the holiday weekend.  

We do have some holiday plans that include going out on the boat, watching some fireworks, attending a party at the marina, and helping clean up the litter left behind at the island where we anchor after July 4.  Last year, the party goers left 2000 lbs. of trash that we picked up.  Most of that was beer cans.  The press ran a bunch of stories about the littering and it got the attention of the mayor and other officials. So hopefully, there will be some marine patrol folks out there to make sure that if you bring it in, you pack it out.  

And if you are on your way to San Antonio, be safe.  I know that I am looking forward to hearing what you have to share about the experience, strength and hope of so many recovering alcoholics in one place. 


  1. No matter how advanced our society, we are at the mercy of these storms. This time of year we watch and wait. We prepare and hope we don't need all those damn batteries.

  2. i think, like hurricanes there is much in life we can prepare for...preparing helps with the fear, particularly of the unexpected...we know storms may why wait for it before we think about how we will handle it..hope you have a great holiday syd!

  3. Thank you for the well-wishes. I haven't been south since I lived in New Mexico, which wasn't really prone to hurricanes, but I do see that there is a weather advisory posted on the International Convention website . . .

  4. I have lived north of Destin for 45 years and left for 2 hurricanes. Being on the road with children, elderly parents and a slow train of traffic is not ideal. I have heard in these rooms to do the next indicated thing and I will try to remember that the next time we have a hurricane boring down on our area.
    Love the "waterwheel".

  5. I hear ya, I would rather be in a strong house with a generator than in a van in traffic during a storm. We will be watching news online and praying for the safety of all the travelers and people who live in the route of the hurricane. You and C take care too.

  6. Enjoy the weekend, Syd. Hope there isn't so much (or any) litter this year.

  7. A large contingent of my AA friends in this area set off very early today for the flight to San Antonio. I, like you, hope that they are not caught unawares. It's the BIG 75th !!
    Enjoy the 4th Syd. I love reading your blog....oh, and by the way, I picked up a 21 year chip at my home group last night (almost got by without tears!)

  8. Never been through a hurricaine. Seldom do they reach come ashore in Kansas ;-) . My only experience with a hurricaine was Hugo.

    I was scheduled to be in Charleston on a business trip the Monday after Hugo hit. Of course that trip was cancelled. I ended up going 6 weeks after.

    I was amazed at the destruction. I ask the cab driver to take me to where it came ashore and saw complete houses floated off the foundation. I saw the windows gone and stucco blown off a hotel on the beach. On 4 lane roads the outside lanes were reserved for piling tree limbs and debris and trucks were just hauling load after load. Quite a wreck.

    Our Kansas tornados are bad but it is usually a narrow band of total destruction. In Charleston it seemed like few escaped having at least some damage.

  9. I pray for those who are impacted by any of the awful weather we see... and the oil thing continues, geeze it hurts me to even consider the damage...

  10. Hi Syd -

    Sounds like you will have a nice weekend! I've never been to's on my list though!


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