Friday, July 16, 2010


The sun just went down. It has been a nice day here with a good breeze on the water. We sailed out with the tide and then caught the incoming back in.

I just took the old Labrador to shore for her evening walk on the beach. She gets into the dinghy like a pro. When she gets to shore I lift her out and she checks all her pee mail and then leaves a few messages of her own. She enjoys the intact males the most and will flirt like a bitch in heat with them. Then she loses interest and walks away. She is heartless when it comes to the neutered boys. They get no attention from her. Very much like humans I suppose.

We haven't had dinner yet but will start cooking soon. C. is not a vegetarian so she will have steak. I will grill a couple of Boca burgers for me. We have a good fresh salad, some garlic couscous, and fruit for dessert.

Once while I was walking on the beach some people we know were staying the night on their power boat. The wife turned to C. and said "Well, we don't stay on the boat much because it's hard to cook on the stove and the shower is small. I don't know how much room you have but our 28 feet isn't very big". I had to smile when C. said in reply,"Well, we cook on a camp stove and shower with a solar heated camp shower. The boat has no more room than what you see. But we enjoy the closeness and the feeling of camping out." And this weekend we will be here for four days. Lots of closeness and camping out.

I especially like nightfall on the boat. It is quiet and the power boaters have left. We can hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach. And the occasional bird will sing as the light fades. The dolphins have been feeding this afternoon and were herding fish to shore as the tide went out. They followed us as we were sailing. Maybe they like the sound of the keel "singing" as we move through the water.

I am glad that the oil has stopped pouring out of the well in the Gulf. Glad that restoration efforts can now be front and center. Hopeful that some semblance of recovery is beginning. I am thankful for this evening and the three of us being together in our little piece of paradise.


  1. Reading this gives me peace, too. Thank-you.

  2. So fine to appreciate nature!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful day to preserve for posterity, a day to always remember. I felt like I was there and I enjoyed it very much.

  4. I love that she checks her "pee mail" and then leaves some messages. oh that is wonderful Syd!

  5. i am glad the oil is capped for now as well...a great relief...sounds like you are in for a fun weekend.. enjoy it.

  6. sounds lovely

    have a wonderful time

  7. sounds like a delightful weekend. We're having lovely summer weather now too and took a long walk last night that ended at the gelato shop :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your joy and peace with all of us. Sounds wonderful. You remind me how much I miss my dog.

  9. It sounds great, Syd. Really great.




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