Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heat wave

It is really hot here. Last week's reasonable temperatures gave way to a heat index of 116 yesterday. I decided not to go on the boat. It is just too much when there is little wind and melting heat.

So yesterday I did some cleaning up. We are gradually going through some things and selling or giving away stuff that hasn't been used in a long time. This is a delicate process because some of these things bring up some great memories.

One of the "finds" was a vintage Fender Bass Man tube amplifier. It hasn't been out from under a protective cover in a while. So last night I plugged it in, warmed it up and played the acoustic bass. What a sound this amp puts out. It is one of those things that's hard to describe--deep, rich and booming come to mind.

Funny how these things like the Fender amp can take you right back to that time so many years ago when life and the priorities were at a completely different place.

Time can go by so quickly. I may one day decide that I have had enough adventures on the boat and it will be sold. What I am getting at is that me
memories are made each day. And the history of our past is chronicled by the things we deemed important, the writings we do, and the images that are etched in photos and in the mind. And so it has been throughout time.

So even though I can only live one day at a time, I can make a memory that will be around for years. Just another reminder to make each day count.


  1. The heatwave over CT may be easing. Rain just started to fall, the straight-down, ground-soaking kind!

    Seems to me that even in the heat, you're having a cool day, going through Memories.

    Hope you get a cooling trend soon.

  2. oh we're just melting in the lowcountry aren't we? it's so hot here, I went outside at 9 this morning and was grateful that it was only about 82 far! Thank God for partly cloudy days, or mornings at least. we are considering going out on the boat today, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Beautiful post Syd.

    The thought that comes to my mind is that I am responsible for the memories that I create TODAY. What a wonderful concept that has been born and refined in me through the working of the Al-Anon program.


  4. Excellent post. Excellent amp.

  5. What do you mean "heat index?"
    If that = heat + humidity then our meagre 90 or so must surely beat your 116, it's like a fucking sauna over here. Most inconvenient...

  6. Beautiful post....hope you keep your amp. :o)

  7. I can relate to the heat. This morning at 6 a.m. it was 92 actual degrees. Summer is upon us.

    I've always felt that cleaning out my closets was in some ways cleaning out my past. As you say, our belongings are physical manifestations of our past. In the past, I've sometimes gotten carried away throwing things out, in both the physical and metaphysical sense. Now I try to be more selective, more conscious, about what I keep and what I toss. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Syd, it is fun to see you wax poetic here. And as usual the philosopher, you allow that what is important today, is well but history tomorrow.

    STEVE! Remember that!
    Thanks, Syd...

  9. We have the same amp! Are you a guitar player too? There can be more time for music now that you are retired.

  10. that line about the history of our brilliant...what we deem important...sometimes it is important to go through old things to see where we came from and identify things we may still need to release...but i bet it was fun to play one more time. smiles.

  11. I agree Syd. Every day matters, which is why I know we write about it.

  12. Recently I went on a clean out of my home.
    Each day I found something I hadnt been using for years and put it in a paper bag. At the end of the week it went to Goodwill. I thought these were precious items but in the end nothing was missed.
    Although I still have plenty of things around me might have to do another give away soon.

  13. We did brave the heat and go on the boat yesterday - was actually nice when we were moving - forward idle was HOT - took it to what we call here the "Disappearing Island" (depending on the tide...). Sitting on the island in the shallow water near the shore was like being in a hot-tub/whirlpool. Wonderful!!! But today I can say BURNT! lol
    But oh, yesterday will be an AWESOME memory. I like your philosophy!!! :)
    God bless.

  14. Cool. Yeh its HOT here too. My physical energy is suffering. Thanks for the reminder that we create tomorrows memories :)

  15. I've not been doing as much out and about either.

    thank god for air conditioning.

  16. My Hubby says that amp is a piece of history and if it is in good condition you could get lots for it if you sell it.

  17. WOW! JUST LOOKING AT YOUR FENDER AMP BRINGS ME GREAT MEMORIES....I was in a band years ago, my bf was the bass player, good fun times, rehearsals in a basement, gigs in college towns in Oregon, ooops sorry this is your blog not mine!

  18. A very important reminder, Syd. Thank you.


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