Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biggest floating party and I'm not there

Photos from Post and Courier

You won't find me in the midst of those boats pictured above.  In fact, I've never even been to the event that takes place about three miles from where I live.  It is the last regatta of the season and has been called the largest floating cocktail party.

The whole thing takes place at a small creek near the historic Sea Island Yacht Club.  The currents run swift through the creek so about a hundred years ago a couple of families decided to test their boat designs in some friendly competition.  And like most things American, the competition got stiffer each year as more people wanted to vie for bragging rights. 

So every year during the first weekend in August, the highway leading to where I live turns into a freeway as people haul their boats to meet up with friends who have hauled their boats and so on.  The boats raft up together, people drink way too much, and most of them never even know that there is a regatta going on.  This bunch of hearty partiers wouldn't know a halyard from a sheet and could care less. 

Unfortunately, every year there seems to be some kind of major accident that results in death.  Either people have gotten drunk and fallen in the water or gotten behind the wheel and crashed into one of the ancient oak trees along the road.  Hopefully, this year no one will pay the ultimate price for being stupid and driving drunk.  There are enough law enforcement out both on the water and on the roads to discourage any shenanigans.   

Even though I live on the island and about 3 miles from the yacht club, I've never been to the regatta. It just seemed too crazy, too many boats, too much chance of an accident. So as I have been for the last 21 years, I was away from the crazy scene.  We spent the weekend on the water but at our usual anchorage off the Harbor.  There was a terrific storm on Friday night that rocked the boat with 55 mph winds and heaped up waves that looked more like something in the Roaring 40's than a creek.  We survived the blow and the sheeting rain.  Saturday was nice and today was wonderful for sailing back to the marina.  I also found my first partial Megalodon tooth on the beach this morning. It was huge but unfortunately cracked.

A friend called to tell C. that her boyfriend had gotten dead drunk, gone into a black out and peed on her and all over their bed. They were at the regatta party.  I don't envy anyone having to deal with an alcoholic in a black out.  Not fun and there is so much anger.  I am just thankful that we had a quiet evening with no issues.  This lady is not ready to give up on her boyfriend.  I wonder how much more it will take. Some of us are stubborn and hold on for years until one day we snap and something in our heads goes off.  That's when I knew that I needed help and went to Al-Anon. 

Well, I'm dead tired.  It was a nice weekend but I need to get some real sleep in a real bed. Good night. 


  1. Glad you survived the storm and the regatta!

  2. it is good to read your post here. i too am grateful you did not partake in such an event. i am grateful i do not have to behave in such events any more.

    at first i thought you were going to be sad about not participating, i am glad you are not. too bad they don't use their efforts for a goos cause.

    drinking sucks.

  3. cool find on the tooth...and that is some group of ships...think i would probably steer clear as well...that many people there are bound to be a few idiots...

  4. It doesn't look like something a purist such as yourself might indulge in, lol. Hopefully no one gets hurt!

  5. There's a huge party every year on the shore and water of the island where we have a little house and it's called The White Trash Bash.
    Have I ever attended?
    Oh hell no.
    I wish I could find a giant shark's tooth. Even if it were cracked.
    Get some rest.

  6. ugh, I had a boyfriend a long time ago who was a drunk and used to wet the bed. I look back on that and wondered why I stayed after the first time it happened, but I was lonely. I only stayed 6 months with him luckily, I woke up after a bit and left him.

  7. I think it was wise to avoid that whole fracas.

  8. Places, people and things we don't need. I'm glad you had a great weekend.

  9. I am glad that you are Ok after that storm,as far as that regatta,I would not near that as well.I can get into enough trouble here in my home with out any help.God know that happened 3 weeks ago today.

  10. Oh my goodness, Syd, I can relate - I went out rafting with a sober friend of mine, her husband, and her husband's not-sober son and his girlfriend and after drinking on the river all day the son fell on some rocks and hit his head (!) then proceeded to drive home (!!!). We also floated by another raft in which one of the inhabitants turned his head to be sick and didn't quite clear the side of the raft but did get plenty into the river - of course we were behind them, so that was lovely. I don't think I'll be doing that again, either. . .

  11. I'll take the peace and quiet of a storm any day to the rowdy chaos of a drunkfest.


  12. Was C's friend calling to brag or complain about her drunk boyfriend?

  13. Glad you had anice weekend and also that you don't have to suffer the blackouts.

    Regards to you and C

  14. I also live in a neighborhood where summers are a season of parties. Recently there was a "Beer and Wine Tasting" event. The next morning the whole street was littered with plastic cups. I do not attend the events although I can often hear the noise from my front door, and of course I see the traffic, on foot and by car, pass by our house. I easily plead "kid duty" whenever a neighbor asks why I do not attend. My husband just says he's out of town, and that's usually true. He has better things to do on a Saturday night than drink with the neighbors. :-)

  15. yik :)
    yes incontinence is not a good look :)
    Glad u got to miss all that 'fun' :)

    sleep well :)

  16. I peed on my bed once. thought I was on the toilet. laid down and slept in it. scariest part of that night? I drove home before speaking jibberish to my husband and peeing in my bed. Thank God that is no longer my life.

  17. glad you made it out alive. :)

  18. How wise to stay clear of the bedlam.

    Enjoy your real sleep in your real bed.



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