Tuesday, August 10, 2010


She looks at me through green eyes rimmed with dark silky lashes.  
She delights in the most simple of things,
which makes me want to give her so much more.  
Sometimes I will simply watch her sleep.  

She is indeed older now, with fine lines around her mouth.  
But she still looks amazingly youthful.  
Her skin is smooth and warm.  
I still see the young woman that I met so many years ago. 

Her innocence is still there, 
her heart still open and trusting, 
her gaze still level and inquiring, 
her smile is still warm and inviting. 

I wonder how she sees me. 
Does she see innocence in me still?
Or have the years put a hard edge on me 
that her softness can't seem to dull. 

I wrote this watching my love sleep.  Her arm was flung across her chest, her breath came softly, and her hair was in a tangle.  I wanted to reach out to hold her but was captivated by her innocence.  My heart was full of love.


  1. Syd, maybe it's my habit of reading lengthier manuscripts, but I read this post next to the previous one, and the previous one made this one all the more beautiful.

    I mean, I had a bunch of things to say about the previous one, too... top of the list: how your (always) gentle tone presented a stark contrast to the anger and bitterness in the art you chose.

    And you closed the previous post with a note about how it takes a while before we trust again... Then you come out with this intimate poem about your partner and what we all assume is one of your lovely photographs--of her, I'm guessing. An example of healing and the gifts of the program in partnership... --G

  2. That is beautiful, thank you.

  3. Amazing writings, I feel as if I was sitting there watching her too.

  4. Hubby and I read this and we like it when people love each other and are able to express it. Hugs to you both.

  5. dude, that was beautiful...i am sure you let her see this already...what woman would not want that...nicely done...

  6. That was totally beautiful. I always love what and how you write, but somehow this showed a slightly different side that I'm not sure I've seen before.

    Your wife is a lucky woman and obviously you are a lucky man.


  7. that's so beautiful.. and both so lucky to have each other.

  8. syd, it's nice to get inside your head...

  9. Just beautiful. How lucky both of you are to have one another.

  10. Yep. That was a beautiful poem for your beautiful woman. What a bond you two must have, forged as it has been, in the fires.

  11. :) Sounds like you're just horny to me, Syd. heeheehee JUST KIDDING! Enjoy your Wednesday. ;) ~T~

  12. It makes me very happy that you two made it out of the other side of the forest. because, despite all that happened, you both shared a special bond.

    Lovely poem. thanks for sharing. A beautiful gift for C.

  13. This is beautiful. She is very lucky to be appreciated in such a way.



  14. A beautiful expression of deep love.

  15. Marry me?? LOL Beautiful... How I wish I had someone in my life that looked at me through such loving eyes...

  16. What an amazing post, Syd. It truly captures the beauty of watching the one you love slumbering next to you.


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