Thursday, September 23, 2010

A nice evening

We are out shrimping tonight. The poles are out and the bait balls have been thrown around each one. We are sitting at anchor waiting for the sun to go down.

The marsh is filled with the sound of clapper rails. A gentle breeze is blowing. There is just a hint of coolness in the air, enough to warrant a long sleeved shirt. This is a truly lovely time of day.

I don't know whether we will catch any shrimp. It's really just being here that is fun. We make quite the duo for this adventure. I will be casting and C. will be driving the boat. She promised not to throw me off the bow, and I promised not to entangle her in the net.

Today was a good meeting on choices. Don't we have a lot of those in this life? Some of mine have been good and some were just knee jerk choices. Today I have the advantage of a program that tells me to inventory my feelings and to consider my motives for the choices I make. I believe that when my head and heart are aligned, I am being guided by my Higher Power to the right choice.

Tonight the choice is to enjoy a beautiful evening, have some fun, and maybe catch some dinner as an added bonus.

PS: We caught about five pounds which means there were about 0.2 shrimp per cast.  But the main thing is we had a great time and a lot of hope: "They are going to start coming out of the marsh at any minute" or "Maybe the next cast will have 25 shrimp in the net" or "Things will start to pick up soon" and then finally resignation: "Well, we have enough for shrimp and grits".  Always the optimist! 


  1. nice. head and heart aligned is a great thing...and being there is the fun...hope you get a nice long as you are willing to share...smiles.

  2. Sounds like perfect alignment to me.

  3. Can we switch lives for a day n night? xo

  4. Is that what they mean when saying "Your stars are in alignment"?

    Head and Heart--to complete the foursome, the 4-H clubs add "Hands and Health"

    Peace, Syd!

  5. you hit the nail on the head for me my friend, we're given the strength today to make good choices, thanks HP!

    I hope your shrimping yields some yummies to go with the spiritual gifts of a lovely evening!

  6. Enough for shrimp and grits is enough. Laugh. Wish I could have had some.

    Have a great weekend, buddy!

  7. How I wish I'd had the alignment of heart and head before I made some really bad choices. Your Alanon program and my AA have certainly helped so many of us.
    Your shrimp adventure sounds like a piece of heaven!

  8. Knee-jerk choices, never thought about that concept before, but realize that in everything I am given the opportunity to learn. Great positive post. Thank you.

  9. Good choices. Instead of focusing on what isnt working in my life just for today or this second I will try to make a choice on what is working.
    With the program I get to reach in the tool box to help assist me when I need it.
    Shrimp and grits sounds good.

  10. That was nice, the agreement the two of you had ;) Shrimp is one of my favorites. Can't say I've ever caught it myself, though.

  11. Hey it's funny; I looked at that stretch of water and thought "prawns" (as we call shrimps over here; I hate the word prawns as well... "prornz" ~ what a stupid expression when you can say shrimp instead)
    I'm not really into shrimps. They look like wasps that swim to me. Everyone laughs at my phobia, but last time they were laughing on the other side of their diarrhoea backside when THEY get the food poisoning and I, who stuck to the beef and chicken satay sticks, didn't!


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