Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy day

The rain has been pouring down here all day.  The plants have been in need of a good soaking rain.  The garden is doing well but will probably need weeding after this torrent.

There is a wetland near the house and the croaking of the frogs is really a happy sound.  Before today, the cypress knees weren't covered,  but by this evening there has been so much rain that the wetland is filled up.  I like to see it filled because it means that deer and other mammals can get a good drink from the water there.

I've had a problem with a pesky raccoon who likes to come up on the deck and drink out of the water garden that we have under the bed room window nearest the bed.  C. has put some lovely water plants in a large container there.  Every morning we find the plants are rearranged and the water nearly gone. Last night, I staked out the spot where this was happening and saw a huge raccoon come on the deck, meander over to the container and proceed to rummage around in it.  So it appears that we are going to have to put another container of just water on the deck for the raccoons.  Or maybe since there is water in the wetland, they will go down there for a drink. 

I really like a rainy day like today.  I stayed home most of the day and then left to go to my Piloting class tonight.  It is a relief to get back home and off the highway.  It's hard to see well on these dark country roads.  I always hope and pray that I won't hit an animal as I go along the road.  Since we moved out here, I haven't hit one--not an opossum, deer, raccoon, coyote, or dog.  I think that I would be devastated to hit some poor animal wandering across the highway. 

Well, I'm going to turn in.  My eyes are tired from plotting positions on a chart.  I am sure that I'll sleep right through the raccoon invasion of the night.  If you have any ideas on how to keep them out of a water garden, let me know.  And no, shooting them is not an option!


  1. But he's so cute, Syd! Love the pic! ;) P.S. It is pouring buckets here right now.

  2. I love the raccoon story and the photo. Do you think he was fishing?
    Those pesky ones have been diggin in my garden for years looking for various things including worms.

    The name raccoon is believed to come from the Algonquin word “arukun,” which roughly translates to “he who scratches with his hands.”

  3. Brilliant post Syd. :) I love the photograph - racoons are not something we see in the UK. :O)

    I know what you mean about the dread of hitting an animal on the road. A couple of years ago we were driving back from the town and a pheasant was heading across the busy road right in front of our car. Billy couldn't put the breaks on because of all the fast-moving traffic behind us - he could only slow down minimally. We were in a sweat as we willed the pheasant to get across that road. Give it its due... I've never seen one move so fast and I'm glad to say it made it safely. :)

  4. If a raccoon on your porch does not bother you then let it be. If it does bother you the only way short of shooting it that I know of is a perimeter that can not be breached by a coon bu they are a pain to make because they have to turn out at the top.

    They get territorial and now your water feature is a part of its range, you are the interloper in its way of thinking.

  5. ha. I'm glad shooting them is not an option!

  6. I love a good rain.

    You remind me of a time when I hit a bird (actually, it flew into my grill) on a dark highway. That was about 25 years ago and it still remains vivid in my mind.

  7. we shared a title today...its been raining for days...we were just talking last night...i like rainy causes you to slow down a bit...for me its reflective...glad that you look to preserve that which is around you...may would think to remove the coon in other ways...

  8. I have only ever hit a rabbit and a bird or two to my knowledge. The rabbit nearly killed me. Ironically, it was the night before Easter.

  9. I'm not sure there is any way to prevent raccoons from doing whatever they want. They are extremely smart and capable. Their hands are amazing.
    Good luck.
    Now- hitting things on the road? I've been lucky too but when the frogs start their crazy migrations- forget it. There is no way not to murder them by the hundreds. It's awful! Do you guys have that phenomenon?

  10. what a cute picture! One year when we were camping, we woke up to the sound of racoons (about 5 of them) getting into our cooler outside. They figured out how to unlatched it and lift it up just enough to grabbed food out of it. The cooperative effort was quite impressive.

    A loud clap from me scared a few of them away. Then I opened the door and yelled, "get!" and a few more ran off, which left one remaining. He wouldn't leave no matter how much noise I made. So, I resorted to throwing a shoe at him. I hit him square on the head. He stood there either stunned or, I feared, contemplating whether or not to take my shoe with him, before running off. I'll never forget that trip. It was quite humorous.

    Now we secure our coolers with bungee cords, which they don't have the strength to unhook.

  11. They are cute, but bothersome, sorry I live in the city and deal with birds and bunnies! It has rained steady here, much flooding in parts of Wisconsin. I too love a rainy day and the sound of frogs.....

  12. sounds like you need to move the ater garden.. dob't know where though

  13. Hmmmm - - - Quite a dilemma - what do do about an adorable masked bandit, who shows little or no fear of human presence! I've lived in the country most of my life; I grew up on a farm, and had a nice vegetable patch-garden where I live today, which was raided frequently by deer, crows, and raccoons. Complaining loudly about all my work being ruined, a neighbor offered to get me a small, cheap transistor radio, put it in a plastic bag, and turn it on LOUD when the sun set (I know - crows like the daytime, but a flapping apron on a stick took care of that problem). Well, the loud nighttime music from the little radio worked like a charm, and my family was able to harvest our little crop without having to share too much with the local critters. If you can tolerate loud music on a radio, the choice would be (of course) to have a croop, or enjoy the animals' munching. Oh yes, the batteries had to be replaced every 3rd day, but the harvest was worth the effort.

    Good luck with your beautiful water garden, Syd! I also have one, which is covered with hogwire to prevent my neighbors' dogs from bathing in it!

    Anonynmous #1

  14. It's been a rainy day here as well. Hey Syd,I got something for you on Golch Central.

  15. The rain and a cold in my throat arrived about the same time. I've been just laying low all day - taking care of myself. I love watching and listening to the rain.

    Your raccoon is adorable, but they can be pests. I'm sure you'll find a kind answer to your problem.


  16. Did you actually take that picture? I'm surprised that the little critter wasn't spooked. It seems like he's pretty determined.

  17. Yep, the 'coon thinks you are living on his private property. We don't blame him though, it's the way he was made...

    And yep, the rains came today, with TD #16 nearby and threatening most of the day.

    It's fun to read your "retirement" stories, Syd!


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